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15-09-2013, 18:08

I really felt the need to chat about this one.

How many do you think they'll sell?

Obviously you could get it cheaper from anywhere but GW. (Hell, I'd do 20% off minimum, no questions asked if someone wanted to drop 7 grand in my shop at once.) But this seems targeted at... nutcases? I almost think someone might just go for it. Click. Bought. Wooh! Then 5 seconds late... Oh god! What have I just done?

15-09-2013, 18:23
This is clearly beyond the scope of the normal gamer/collector. What it is is a mid-life crisis, and as mid-life crises go it's not that expensive and pretty time-consuming.

15-09-2013, 18:25
Has anyone actually tried to figure whether it has any discount?

15-09-2013, 18:34

This thread says around 11% ish discount. Dependent on where you live.

Obviously, some of the items don't have a 'true' value though. Such as the art peaces.

15-09-2013, 18:35
Has anyone actually tried to figure whether it has any discount?

Yes - it's actually fairly substantial, even using the various battleforces it does have excellent savings over buying retail. The total discount is somewhere around 13% (ish). Without adding books, characters (other than standard command squads) it comes to approximately 7652, with those things probably close to 8k.

15-09-2013, 18:53
Also get some signed books with it! Bargain I'm sure ;)

15-09-2013, 20:10
This thread is essentially a duplicate of this thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?380820-Astartes-Ultra-%96-A-Complete-Ultramarines-Chapter-cool-or-crass)in 40K General. Therefore...

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