View Full Version : Space Marine Ally -with them selves?

15-09-2013, 19:56
IS it worth allying SM with themselves to take advantage of Chapter tactics. Personally I want to do WS bikers with IF tank hunters? what do you guys say?

15-09-2013, 20:08
You can, if you like. But personally, if you're going to take allies, I'd suggest taking something that space marines just can't have, and fills a hole in the army. Taking a hq, troop choice and then paying for devs just to have tankhunter on that one unit is rather... underwhelming.

Disciple of the Arvadan
15-09-2013, 20:13
Aside from Chapter Tactics, it could be quite useful to get a 4th Heavy Support slot.

15-09-2013, 20:23
I like to play fluffy, and IF and WS are quite strong allies( both where involved in ending the HH in one way, WS killing fleeing Sons of Horus at the space station and IF aboard Horus's Battle Barge.) Also, My WS lack any good Anti tank ATM and I like the background for them both. Plus, IF have awesome Chapter tactics, which I think complements the fast moving WS perfectly.

15-09-2013, 20:31
Yeah they can and i believe in it probably lies what will become one of the Marines new power builds. Im thinking of allying in a WS contingent of bikes alongside a core of IH flyers. The issue with this is of course i cant gain benefit from Khans abilities (Cant be the warlord)

15-09-2013, 20:43
As in I don't own any good anti tank:) plus bikes are amazing vs. hordes

15-09-2013, 21:15
I think the ability of the Codex to ally with itself is great! For me it is a great opportunity to have a Imperial Fist and Black Templar gaming force, making use of my Black Templar army and my small but growing Imperial Fists. Its great for making themed lists like that.