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16-09-2013, 04:22
Warlord on Bonebreaker:
Armour of Fortune
Crown of Command
Dawn Stone

Plague Priest
Obsidian Talisman
Scroll of Shielding
Lv 2

Lv 2
Iorn Curse Icon

Battle Standard
Obsidian Loadstone

Shadow Magnet Trinket

50 Stormvermin
Musician / Standard
Storm Banner

75 Slaves

44 Slaves

40 Plague Monks
Plague Banner

Hell Pit Abomination

My HE friend sits back, blast me with magic, shoots me to ribbons with BT and Sisters, and sends in the calvary to clean up the mess (approx. 13 Silverhelms 1+ armor save) Having a real tough time getting past him he's dominating every phase because he uses BOFTWD and 6 dices the hoard killers.


16-09-2013, 05:03
Ok well I can offer the following points.

1. Take a Grey Seerer

Look, you should be able to fit in both a lord and a Grey Seerer, and a Grey Seerer with the Plague Lore will do wonders against the High Elves. Remember with T3 troops, casting Plague can wipe out half a unit. Also it will help bolser your magic defenses.

2. Plague Paw Catapults

Again, another weapon that just eats up High Elf Infantry like crazy. Backing your army with even one of these will help you deal more damage to him.

3. Weapons Teams

I notice that you currently are not using any Weapon Teams. This is a major mistake especially when you are using large blocks of slaves. You really want those slaves to pin down an expensive unit, and then for you to keep hitting that unit with either a Warp Fire Thrower or a Mortar Blast. Even one weapon team will probably help your list a lot.

4. Break Up Your Units

Ok hordes are nice and work well for Skaven... but I think you are going a bit overboard here. You don't really need a unit of 50 Storm Vermin, you can reduce that to about 40 or even 30 without any problem. Infact, if you can find the points, you are better off going for two units of 29 Storm Vermin and reducing the Plague Monks to about 30 or 29 Plague Monks. This small change should greatly improve your army list and give you a better fighting chance against the High Elves.

5.Drop a Warlock

Honestly you don't need Warlocks at mage level 2. It's better to just drop them to either 0 or drop one ro both of the Warlocks for things you might need.

Anyways hope this helps.

16-09-2013, 08:44
(approx. 13 Silverhelms 1+ armor save)

I'm no skaven player, so can't comment much on your list, but silver helms are 3+ armour save, 2+ with shields (which everyone takes, though).

16-09-2013, 18:11
how skaven beat high elves: dreaded 13th and cannons. you have so many guys that you should be able to sit back as well and 6 dice the 13th every turn to win. force him to come to you. BOWD does nothing vs 13th. That spell is the only way i ever lose to skaven with my elves.

17-09-2013, 10:56
I played against a Doom Wheel about two weeks ago and couldn't kill the bugger.

I'd take one of them if I were you...

17-09-2013, 22:17
Not sure if your restricted on models or not but here's my take.

I'd try and fit a grey seer in if I were you, I'd also switch to 2 units of 50 slaves (or 3 units of 40 if you have the models), I also find stormvermin to be lacking and would prefer just a block of clanrats with a mortar, you could also use some small rat darts (5rats,1handler) to act as redirectors and drops), plague monks without a furnace aren't really that great as your paying a lot of points for a unit that will hit hard once with the banner then do not much else but die, if you do add in a grey seer I'd drop the priest and engineers to lvl 1s and give you non caster warlock a doomrocket and try and get him a flank shot (skitterleap is great), doomwheels are also great if you have the model.

I also find skaven in horde formation is a bad idea unless they have a bell or furnace, i much prefer the ranks and breaking enemies by holding and flanking. You want to give your opponent a few big targets to take their shooting rather than just the a bomb on it's own, you'll also then want your slaves and rats to be harrassing and delaying your enemy while your big targets come in for the hard hitting (hopefully some flanks) and your main rat units with greey seer and casters hang back a bit throwing spells and being big enough that it isn't easy to get points out of them until close combat which you should be able to avoid happening until your slaves/rats/big targets/furnace unit have smashed up their list abit.