View Full Version : Need Advise on Shopping list

17-09-2013, 00:41
My lgs is having an event for harvest fest, for Korea, and I was thinking of adding some new toys to my CSM collection.
Atm I'm looking at either 2 forgefiend&a squad of 3 bikers, 20 plague bearers&guo&soulgrinder, or 2-3 vindi/pred.

My usual 2k looks like this
bike brand lord
6 squad of 5 plague marines

my local meta is pretty competitive and new grav weapons scares me truth be told...
Any advise will be appreciated regarding what I should pick from the 3 options I posted on the top.

Any others suggestion to what I might look into is also appreciated.

17-09-2013, 17:04
I've noticed you don't have three helldrakes. There is your problem.

Otherwise I think this'd be better over on the Tactica thread.