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17-09-2013, 20:22
whats better in an eldar list ,striking scorpions or harlequins

17-09-2013, 21:49
I always go for Striking Scorpions and they rarely let me down but it depends what you want them for.

I like Scorpions for their resilience (by Eldar standards) and their infiltration. It allows me to put pressure on the my opponent early on by threatening unsupported units. In my game today they didn't actually reach combat but they were still instrumental in rolling my opponent's flank. My Farseer managed to cast Fortune on them 2 turns in a row which meant they absorbed an impressive amount of firepower and only lost 1 model.

Harlequins work better as a counter-charge unit. Their Veil of Tears protects them well at long range meaning you don't want to send them haring into the midst of the enemy. You want to hang them back to deal with enemy units that come to you.

17-09-2013, 23:15
whats better in an eldar list ,striking scorpions or harlequins

Post your army list and associated strategy here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?36-Warhammer-40-000-Army-Lists), and you're more likely to receive feedback which will specifically help you with your army list.

Of the Eldar assault units in general terms, Striking Scorpions are the most useful, in my view, owing to the flexible deployment options which they have, as well as their relative durability. They can still also be used with some success as a counter assault unit. Harlequins are just too dependent on Veil of Tears in my opinion. They're a bit expensive for what they bring to the table, and at mid to short range, they can be shot to pieces pretty easily by mass small arms fire. As I say though, these are just guidelines, which may not necessarily be applicable to your list.

18-09-2013, 00:51
Like Irisado said, it really helps to see the context of the rest of your army. I'd also agree though, that generally speaking, Scorpions will be cheaper and more useful. Their durability and ability to infiltrate fills a niche in the Eldar army to put on some melee pressure quickly, whereas Harlequins or Banshees would have to footslog it and generally can't take as much of a hit.

18-09-2013, 00:55
whats better in an eldar list ,striking scorpions or harlequins

Generally? Scorpions. They do more for less. And unlike the prior codex when the harlequins made their reappearance, there are plenty of ways to ignore or get around their special secret powers.