View Full Version : Double oldblood 2500

18-09-2013, 00:41
I'm starting to think the slann just isn't the way to go anymore so came up with this 2500 point list. 2 blocks of saurus, stubborn coc, lots of shooting, and some light magic support/def. The priest will take beast to buff up the oldbloods and saurus blocks.

piranha blade
Enchanted shield
str pot
light armor
-Oldblood on coldone
steg helm
light armor/Great weapon
crown of command
-scar vet bsb
light armor/shield/dragon helm
sword of might
-lv 2 priest
-lv 2 priest
-24 saurus full command
-24 saurus full command
-2x10 skink skirmishers with javs
-3x10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
-7 cold one cav full command
-4 rippers
-3 terradons with fireleech