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18-09-2013, 00:50
Not sure how this scenario would play out so I'll ask all of you. Let's say I have character with the Forbidden Rod, ward save and MR. Would the FR trigger the MR of the character making him highly resist to the FR backlash? 4++ w/MR2=2++ vs the backlash

Lord Inquisitor
18-09-2013, 00:54
Nope. The forbidden rod is not a spell. :)

It would have to work against magical attacks to trigger. The elf banner of the world dragon would work (cheese!).

18-09-2013, 00:55
No. It doesn't state the the wounds are magical.

18-09-2013, 01:14
No. It doesn't state the the wounds are magical.

They're from a magical item…?
Unless you want people to start turning up with ethereal wizards armed with the not-so-forbidden-after-all rod as a matter of course?

Lord Inquisitor
18-09-2013, 01:23
For the record, this is why wounds from the rod would be magical:

Q: What are ‘magical attacks’? (p68)
A: All attacks made by spells and magic items are considered to be magical attacks, [...]