View Full Version : Help with a theme for allies

Lord Squidar
18-09-2013, 08:55
Hi all,

So i am working on my new allied force for my armies which is a imperial guard battle tank company. I have one vanquisher and half a looted russ so far.

My original plan was to use them as counts as grot tankers for my orks, but I realised that IG are allies of convience for my daemons and battle brothers for my wolves. The intention is to make something that can help me down riptides and heavy tanks, which is what my wolves are suffering with at the moment.

So its going to be the same force overall, just need some help working on the theme and the eventual colour scheme too. For now the troop choice russ in the detachment will have to be the looted russ, but I can add another one next month when payday comes (yay!)

So these are my options (I dont like non chaos marine allies for my daemons so I will leave then out)

The Hammers of Russ - an imperial guard tank company attached to my space wolves crusade which uses only leman russ tanks in honour of the primarch. The company is raised solely from the Ironsong Tribe on Fenris, whom have a higher affinity for technology than other tribes, and have produced record numbers of iron priests in their recruits to the sky warriors. Tanks will be painted in the same scheme as my main force, and will have a few barbarian attachments on the hull like shields and trophies, tank commanders will have fur lined uniforms and wild bushy heads just like their parent force.

Kommander von Schnott's tank company: Grot rigged tank allies for my blood axes, commanded by the infamous Kommander von Schnott (stolen from WoW Schnotts sadly :D ). Plan is to add more russes and grot tanks to the main force, using them as russes and not looted wagons is better gamewise but it still is a counts as force and missing a few of the upgrades that makes Ork tanks fun, like grot riggers and wrecking balls (although not on a vanquisher of course!). If I went this route, I would reorganise them into looted wagons the second the new codex comes out and we can take them as squadrons as it rightfully should be (big wishlisting here). Paint scheme is jungle camo

SO any help or advice from the erudite members of warseer?