View Full Version : Characters charging out of a unit vs Flee reaction

19-09-2013, 17:22
This came up in a game last week. It was a fast play, so there wasn't time to pause and consider this.

A character in a unit declares a lone charge. The target elects to Flee.

Is there any circumstances in which a character can restrain (not redirect) his charge, effectively 'cancelling' it, and remain part of the unit?

Assuming that he can and successfully 'restrains' and remains in the unit, can that unit then perform actions - including the character - as normal?

I believe the answer to the first question is decidedly 'no', thus making the second question irrelevant. But for a bonus question, just to make sure that I'm not going mad, if a character leaves a unit by charging out of it (ignoring whether that charge is successful or not), the unit can act as normal - with the exception of declaring its own charge?

19-09-2013, 17:25
The answer is no.

And you are correct about your second question.

19-09-2013, 22:43
No. What you're wanting is the best of both worlds, where the character remains protected by the unit if he fails his charge. Not going to happen