View Full Version : What marines with melee ability for Tau allies?

20-09-2013, 16:19
So, I want some marines for allies for my Tau (To build into a full army with time). And I want marines that can go melee. I'm kind of thinking of White Scars because they are battle brothers with Tau, BUT! Blood Angels, Black Templars and Space Wolves all seem to be better at melee, The problem is, They are only Allies of Convenience instead of Battle Brothers. My question is, Does this have any serious effect during gameplay? And, if it dosent have a critical effect on gameplay, What marines would be best for Tau allies with melee ability?

20-09-2013, 16:22
Do you plan on having an IC join your tau or vice versa, do you plan on buffing your allies with psychic powers? If no to both of these questions, and you just want two armies on the field. You are fine with convenience. Space wolves make for some awesome back field disruption. Take 2 units in drop pods, 1 with a rune priest and drop them down in the enemies deployment zone. Wolves come out, pop their tanks and assault their heavy troops.

20-09-2013, 16:45
Also consider Raven Guard. While the Troops won't be very melee centric, an Assault Squad and Vanguard Squad that can move like Jet Bikes and reroll HoW Wounds should not be discounted.

Basic Marine Bike squads are not very melee centric. White Scars are becoming an interesting option because of the Relentless Grav Gun usage you can get out of them. Now if they had just included the Templar Bike options (i.e. Power Weapons for the Special Weapon carriers) and/or Vanguard could take Bikes, that could be a different story.

21-09-2013, 17:12
Well, I wasent planning to join them together or buff them with psychic powers.. I dont know what psychic powers would be good for Tau.. I actualy have a small Space Wolf force laying arround, I just find them alittle boring since so many units in the codex are less then good compared to the rest of the codex.. (Or so they seem to me..)