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21-09-2013, 17:20
My question about nagash got me thinking; what are the most powerful magicians in the game and why? I play skaven and Helves so I know the power of teclis and Thanquol. How do you all rate them and their competitors?

21-09-2013, 17:28
At this point in the game...anything that adds power or dispell dice...the current Malekith and Morathi are hot contenders,yet i will say that given the new books i will place first bet on Manfred.Yep with 14 spells and the ability to generate dice,both dispell and power he is my pick of the current crop.

21-09-2013, 18:00
I'm pretty sure Fateweaver wins this on the spot.

Fateweaver in the previous Daemon book but pretty strong. (I ran him as my general almost all the time unless tourny rules dident allow SC). I was certain he was gonna get nerfed, but instead they Lowered him by a good chunk of points for exchange for slightly less powerful casting.

-Overall I feel that his ability to access several spells(from different lores) at a given time makes him so versatile for almost any given situation.
-I consider him the most reliable against cannons and other tools used to remove monsterous creatures (besides I tests)
-His reroll per turn is almost always game changing. The number of Times I change a roll of 6 for magic (5 and 1) into 11 (5 and 6) is just astounding. Not to mention when you roll a DI test and you roll a 3 (2 and 1) and then you decide to reroll the 2 hoping for a 1 so your unit can come back.

I believe he is the best wizard, but if SC are banned, id go with 2 grey seers

21-09-2013, 21:17
My vote is for Count Mannfred

His spell selection is optimized for VC armies and his dice generation if used properly second to none

22-09-2013, 10:15
I think that the current Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress with Sacrificial Dagger is potentially the most powerful mage in the game. She isn't too many points and will generally overpower a magic defence within the first or second turn of the game, unless your facing Dwarves with a lot of runes.

23-09-2013, 13:08
Any Slaan has to be a contender, they are just so powerful and can have some truly terrifying combos.

Also, what about HE Loremaster especially with the book of Hoeth.

23-09-2013, 14:43
Well I think it should be Slanns, but after the 8th edition book they are definitely not the insane spellcasters they used to be

23-09-2013, 14:52
Arkahn the Black. he's ******* level 5.

23-09-2013, 18:27
When you roll 8 warpstone tokens for Thanquol and get the most powerful spell in the game as a signature you start the game with abig smile on your face.

23-09-2013, 19:57
Gandalf the White.

Really though I would vote for the dagger sorcerous. She just keeps casting...it's awful.

Captain Collius
23-09-2013, 22:00
Mazdamundi- He's got top of the line powers and can be Loremaster of any book lore or High magic. And he is on top of A Stegadon

23-09-2013, 22:56
Lord Kroak? Is he still a special character in the new book? Has he suffered the same blunting of power that the other slanns have? If not, he was a popular choice on the original Nagash thread wasn't he?

Lord Dan
24-09-2013, 02:21
It's funny how, with Teclis, Slaans, and Kairos now nerfed, the answer to this question goes from being obvious to rather complicated.

High Elf Archmage with the Book of Hoeth. +5 to cast with high magic and re-rolling a dice with each casting/dispel attempt makes him a really powerful wizard.

24-09-2013, 12:53
I'm going to say a Night Goblin Shaman, yes it sounds crazy. And I do feel stupid for saying it. But looking into a bit more a free casting dice for each attempt to cast (with a 1/6 chance of failure) and it can't cause a miscast. Each successful spell cast gives you a 1/3 chance to reduce the enemy's dispel pool by one and increase your PD by one. Point for point i think that combination is great. Ok I will admit the lore isn't that strong, but there are some good hexes and augments.

I'm not biased in my selection :shifty:

24-09-2013, 16:49
Please take any lizardmen SC out of this discussion.

Mazdamundi = almost 800 pts. Not that great of abilities.

Lord Kroak = While not as expensive, he is still extremely over priced for what he can do.

tettoeko = Best SC wizard LM have but not really a powerhouse in terms of magic potential.

Slann = You can argue either way but he is not as good as an archmage with BoH even if he is much more survivable. If we are only discussing base wizards and not SC then he is worth a mention but my vote would be for the DE Sorceress with the dagger.

Spiney Norman
24-09-2013, 17:11
My question about nagash got me thinking; what are the most powerful magicians in the game and why? I play skaven and Helves so I know the power of teclis and Thanquol. How do you all rate them and their competitors?

Do you mean in the background story of warhammer, or in the game, because the two are most definitely not the same thing.

In terms of the back story Nagash, Teclis, Mazdamundi (and all the other Slann) and Kairos are probably the main contenders for that crown.

In terms of who is actually the best wizard in-game from a rules perspective I think Kairos probably has it, although Teclis and Alarielle wouldn't be far behind.

26-09-2013, 17:07
Great Bray-Shaman on Lore of Beasts with Jagged Dagger.

In CC will on average vs infantry generate 6 bonus Power Dice per combat that does not break the 12 dice cap.