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05-06-2006, 07:44
So After playing Slaanesh Chaos and Wood Elves (the latter was so pwnsome it got booring) I've decided to start a new army. So i've decided to play Ogre Kingdoms because I like the fact that it's a "weaker" army than most (I.E, they can be strong but its harder for them to Powergame than, say Brets, WE or VC). I've also decided to play them as a modelling challenge having decided to have at least small conversions on each and every fig...:wtf:

So here goes the list!

Bruiser: "that weapon that gives killing blow": 160
Hunter: 2 sabertooths, the name that gives +1T
Butcher: 2 scrolls, 2 tooth gnobblars: 190

3 bulls: Ironfists, banner, musician, light armour: 159
Ditto: 159
4 Iron Guts: Musician, banner: 222
4 Iron Guts: Musician, banner, war banner, 247

9 Gnobblar Trappers: 54
Ditto: 54
20 Gnobblars: 40
20 Gnobblars: 40

2 Leadbealchers: 110
Ditto: 110

3 Maneaters: Cathay Sabres: 258

The Idea Is to have Butcher and bruiser join the 3-strong bulls. The Iron guts and maneaters can handle themselves rather easily. Leadbealchers are there to thin out enemy units and occasionaly flank charge (since they are only 2 strong, it's often wasteful for the enemy to shoot at them, however they are still enough to cancel ranks).
I've Also tried to have as many seperate units as possible in order to force the enemy to pick and chose what he'll kill without being able to kill everything.

So any thoughts, tips, cool ideas?

05-06-2006, 22:10
no one?

05-06-2006, 22:18
Here are the first two things that spring to mind:

First, seriously consider breaking the ME's into a unit of two and a unit of one. I like to spread the ld 8 stubborn love around a little, and the single ME is surprisingly tough.

Second, without the Ld from a tyrant I would give some consideration to a BSB. I don't like the battle standard in many armies, but in an ogre list its really useful. Ogres don't get much in the way of ranks and such, and the BSB helps keep your bulls in combat while you position flankers. In your list I'd even consider taking out the hunter to get one in.


05-06-2006, 22:18
I gather that you're just starting to put this list together? If so, you might as well work with what little we know of 7th edition and change those gnob units to 25 (5 ranks of 5 means you can loose a few models before loosing your rank bonus).

For the bruiser, I'd take a great weapon. Skullplucker is fery "meh".

Personal opinion here: As for the hunter, you might consider trading him in for a second butcher. Butchers are level 2, and taking a single L2 wizard gives you only 4 dice, which is not really enough (most people will have 4 dispel dice anyway). I feel like butchers are just too expensive to be taken as scroll caddies. I would personally take 2 of them, and add a hunter later if you like.

Oh, and I'd ditch the tooth gnoblars. You can add 2 to any die roll, but if you're rolling on 1 die, a 1 or 2 always fails, regardless of mods. If you're rolling on 2 die, you're not likely to fail anyway.

06-06-2006, 10:05
Oh, and I'd ditch the tooth gnoblars. You can add 2 to any die roll, but if you're rolling on 1 die, a 1 or 2 always fails, regardless of mods. If you're rolling on 2 die, you're not likely to fail anyway.

...I knew that...:o ...Uhhh...YEAH!

Thanks for that, I'd completely forgotten that rule.

I took the hunter mostly because I wanted to be able to take 2 goblin trappers which are the only figs I have for the moment (they're regular gnoblars with green stuffed cloth masks that cover the mouth and are armed with skaven throwing stars. They look like tiny minituare ninja's).

The Maneaters used to be 2 units but I wasn't sure whether or not that was the best Idea. Apparantly it was. I'll do that.

As for the BsB, If I took It I would need another bruiser in order to have a general. That's a bit much character-wise no? (especially since taking the hunter out would really be a last ditch option...But still a possibility)
I'd Like to have a second butcher too. Maybe take out one of the maneaters and the magic weapon from the bruiser to fit that in?

I'm surprised tho that there is no love for the hunter. Is he that bad? I really like it's style and "I can survive no man's land with a sardine and a jug of water" attitude.

06-06-2006, 10:41
A nasty trick with ogre kingdoms is to give your bruiser a bullgut and ironfist which means that you can charge an opponent in the flank and because your unit strength 6 you negate ranks plus you have 5 attacks bye bye 60 goblin strong regiment that just happens to include a warboss

06-06-2006, 11:14
always take a tyrant in 2k, they are absolute monsters, I've never had one killed in combat to date, one was killed by a stone thrower and another fled and was run down, but in 20+ games, that's not a bad record!

I usually give him the jade lion, mawseeker and the thundermace, although not many people like either mawseeker or the thundermace, I reckon they're both worth the risk

I'd also take 2 butchers, they're just as tough as most heroes, especially when you give them the tenderiser.

I love the hunter model, and he seems pretty tough, but I find he gets too isolated and either shot, or outnumbered, so I dont use him in games smaller than 3k.

I'd ditch the ironfists and armour on the bulls, with the points saved you can probably afford another bull. Ironfists seem great and all, but they dont work against missile fire, and if you use them in combat, they weaken your attacks.

I'd also ditch a unit of leadbelchers and trappers and get a scraplauncher and/or gorger, much more fun and harder hitting!

good luck!

07-06-2006, 22:26
It's not so much that ther's no love for the hunter, but OK characters are pricey, and it always seems that there's more effective stuff than the hunter for the points.

I'll second the motion about tyrants too, they are monsters. However, there cost a monstrous amount of points too, so if you're looking to max out the size of the army, or need the points somewhere else, then the bruiser will do as a lesser substitute.

As for the BsB why don't you try a couple of games without it, and then a copuple of games with it. you'll soon see if he's worth it given your list and play style. [yes, I am suggesting proxying the fig, just don't tell GW :)]


08-06-2006, 16:07
I will third the vote in favour of the tyrant. He truly is a monster, but more importantly, he has Ld 9. Will all those small units of ogres you have running around, his superior leadership will really help out will panic tests, especially if you take kineater or the jade lion.

The BsB is especially useful in conjuntion with small units of stubborn Maneaters... fixed ld 8 is nice, fixed ld 8 with a re-roll is awesome.

"that weapon that gives killing blow" is not so hot on a 4/5 attack high strength ogre hero, who really only need a great weapon or perhaps the tenderizer, if you are feeling fancy or face large monsters on a regular basis.

As for the hunter, he is really nice, but the only time I would take him and the second unit of trappers is if I had Rhinox Cav, utilizing the trappers marchblocking capability to help ensure that the Cav get their 3d str5/6 impact hits. There are just so many other things available at his point cost (195 by your set up) that can be done with the list.

I am not a huge fan of standards in every unit. I tend to play MSU, therefore, no standards. That being said, a viable middle ground would be to only give standards to 1/2 of your units. Then, during the game have the units operate in pairs (one with and one without a standard), tag teaming enemy units as much as possible.

As for the leadbelchers I would consider adding bellowers for +1 to rally. It makes them a more viable bait and switch unit.