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21-09-2013, 22:39

recently I dusted an old knights errant box, I really enjoyed painting them.
so I decided to start a small detachment of brets and see how it goes.
I went on the the GW site to look for an HQ and I saw that many models were missing... also the trebuchet is missing (read it the best unit for brets and is a must)

any ides for alternatives? or should i just paint some knights and wait?


Rolo Ramone
22-09-2013, 00:33
There are a lot of miniature companies out there that you can look. The "Medieval Knight" is a pretty common theme, and if you are looking for Heros, is easier. You can look at Gamezone and his Feudal range. Really nice models. Their mounted Damsel is amazing, and their heros too. They have other miniatures like men-at-arms and archers, but even when they look great, are a little expensive.

FireForge is another company with a nice medieval range, but I think their scale is a little small compared with GW miniatures. But if that's not a problem, their models are great. I really like their seargents on foot (men-at-arms) and I think they can be mixed really well with the men-at-arms from GW and are pretty cheap.

Other option may be Perry Miniatures. Pretty nice miniatures, especially if you like the old Bretonnian models, but again, smaller than the GW ones.

Hope this can help you.

22-09-2013, 00:56
Bretonnia is awesome. Welcome to the Lady's service!

Now, as you can imagine, over at the Roundtable of Bretonnia (http://www.roundtable-bretonnia.org/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=87) the disappearance of many Bretonnian models (and it seems that retailers can no longer order Bretonnian Knights!) has been noted and much discussed and we feel optimistic that a new Army book (or even a wave release) is brewing. Some say April.

Sir Rolo is quite correct about alternative minis, but my advice would be two to three Battalion boxes. In terms of what you get and what you need for an army, the Bret Battalion is simply stellar. There are still some online retailers who have them (no idea if they can be re-ordered when they run out) and even if there is an update coming, I'd bet my castle that the contents of the current Battalion will still be useful in any army.

Drop on by the Roundtable if you want any help.

22-09-2013, 08:57
the Gamezone models are awesome! are they the same size as the normal brets? if not it might look weird, against other armies :P
grail knights are very tempting... cheaper, 1 extra model, better looking...

Rolo Ramone
23-09-2013, 15:37
The models are the same size, but they are a really different style. I don't think that mixed units looks that good, but maybe it works, specially if you use the same paint scheme. In my case, I use the Gamezone models as heros, but I know some people using units of Grail Knight, all Gamezone models.