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22-09-2013, 12:17
Hi all

I'm looking to start a WoC army. I love the Khorne lord on Juggernaut model and was thinking of having him as my general. I also thought of placing him with 3 or 4 Skullcrushers. I wondered if this is a good combination. I mainly wanted to do it for aesthetic reasons as it would just look badass, but tactically is it a sensible option?


22-09-2013, 14:46
In a unit that small he wouldn't get a look out sir! roll, so a ward save would be a must take. But this guy is actually really though and can almost function as a unit on his own, give him a crown of command to counter static combat res and run him into a tasty unit that will have a hard time going through his armour save.

25-09-2013, 07:17
This guy works wonders.

3-4 skullcrushers are plenty, although as others have said, he won't get a look out sir against cannons and things, so you'll want to take some kind of protection against them.

My chaos lord build is the sword of +3 attacks, with the helm of many eyes. I usually roll in a unit of 6 skullcrushers, that way I can get look out sir. Use the unit champ in the skullcrushers to challenge so the Lord doesn't have to, and then laugh as your nine attacks rerolling misses destroys the unit that he's fighting. Against elves and humans it's very possible to get 7-8 kills every round WITH JUST ONE GUY. Then the unit attacks and kills so many more.

Just beware of their frenzy. Having to overrun can lead you into some sticky situations.