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22-09-2013, 14:58
After returning to my Pre-Heresy Word Bearers, I decided that one legion simply wasn't enough, so I've decided to expand out to the other legions (of which I'll probably focus more on the Traitor Legions)

Here are some pictures of what I've done with my Word Bearers


And here' pictures of a World Eater contemptor, with some kind of weapon I cam up with. My initial thought in the design was a powerful cannon that fired gore and grisly bits in a suitably horrific World Eater fashion. I'd play it as a plasma cannon


And I've just put in an ebay order for a Fulgrim model (without the expanded scenic base)

Comments, suggestions and criticism is welcome!

06-10-2013, 19:37
Small update, I've made a start on an Emperor's Children Command Squad, until I get the Betrayal, I have no idea whether this squad is even legitimate or not. Speaking of which, since it was recently my 18th Birthday, I ordered 3 Jetbikes, a pre-heresy Predator Executioner, Betrayal plus the black soot and grey ash weathering powders. I've been thinking of getting either Tartaros Terminators, a Emperor's Children Contemptor or a Breacher Squad. Any opinions?


Please leave comments and criticism :)