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23-09-2013, 14:11
Is there a cost effective way to get/convert these to make Masters of the Forge and Techmarines?

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23-09-2013, 14:25
Ask in the Warseer Wanted trade section, or Ebay :)

23-09-2013, 21:11
I ask for making Iron Hands Techmarines and MotFs. If any army uses lots of these, it is them. :)

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23-09-2013, 22:13
Buy this guy (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440271a&prodId=prod1160093a). Put the Servitors arms on other marines as servo-arms. There are some techmarine heads out there, the DA RW sprue have one of them IIRC.

23-09-2013, 22:31
Wiring and green tack, and model Doctor Octopus arms (some with weapons on the end).

Archon of Death
24-09-2013, 00:10
I'm actually a big fan of simply sculpting/molding these. Essentially what you would do would be to purchase large quantities of green stuff, create a mold by sculpting your own single servo arm, then using that to make more. I'd use wire inside it regardless for extra support. As for servitors, forget that, I'd be using servo skulls for their models (simply because they're cooler than using the derpy looking human servitors), for which you can get 4 from FW then convert whatever arms you want for them. As for doing Doc Oc arms, remember Mechadendrites are a thing in 40k, for which you could use guitar strings, personally I'd use them for assault marine models as jump packs.