View Full Version : So what do you think of an IH successor with a Malal twist?

Archon of Death
23-09-2013, 18:03
The Chapter I've always invisioned for SM has always been a mech heavy IH with heavy conversions for bionics. Conceptually they are a 19th or so founding chapter that has a potential geneseed issue (maybe, maybe not, always left that bit open) that causes a neurosis about flesh being corrupt and machinary being pure. So they follow a doctrine of replacing their flesh with bionics and scarifying the flesh they haven't converted yet. Anyway, since a part of why I wanted them like this was due to too much fighting of Chaos early in the founding (especially Nurgle and Slaanesh), I found the entire chapter could also be influenced on a minor scale by Malal/Malice. Cool idea or too much going on? They'd be pretty hard core loyalists (with strong relations with the AdMech as well as with the Guard), but at the same time I think it may be cool to incorporate my favorite Chaos god.

23-09-2013, 18:07
I would say too much going on.

IH Successor chapter is a great idea, but too much with Malal.

Archon of Death
23-09-2013, 18:26
Yeah, including the stuff I didn't say I think you may be right. Like changing a neighboring Civalized world to a militarized Hive World over the last 5k years, the development of an AdMech based hierarchy for themselves and said world... Yeah I should just consider sticking with that, Malal may push them over the edge to being under investigation

23-09-2013, 18:30
They could be under the influence of a C'tan shard. The desire to change their bodies to machines would make them something like Necrons 2.0.

Archon of Death
23-09-2013, 18:51
Perhaps, that kind of falls in with the new Necrons, who I'm not as familiar with. But should the AdMech ever break to the Dragon (if that's still a thing) then my Chapter would likely break as well. Those who follow the Omnissiah and those who folloe closer to Ferrus would be divided, the former going with the necrons (mostly the oldest most mechanized souls), the latter wishing to follow in Ferrus' footsteps (killing the Dragon's incarnations and being immersed and changed to living metal, the Chaplains, Librarians, and most of the Marines).

Both of these are leading to the same results, but one path being active, the other passive. So, yeah, that is essentially a background concept, where fighting Chaos while minorly corrupted by chaos would be a foreground idea.

23-09-2013, 22:55
In the new fluff the C'tan are broken into shards (the Necrons destroyed them).

Being influenced by such a shard doesn't mean worship or such. Nobody knows about such a thing. It is maybe just whispers in the mind, dreams - something that leads the chapter to destroy human culture and civilization and replace it with something you described above - a cold machinery of production. The desire to leave the weak mortal hull to become stronger and long-lasting was born in the wish to destroy the Old Ones in case of the Necrontyr. It could easily be the wish of humans to stand upon their enemies as well. Like Chaos. Xenos. Weak humans.

It's not becoming new Necrons or their allies. It's just going the same way as a species that destroyed themselves and left everything behind to become immortal "living" weapons. Kinda tragic.

Okay, these are just some ideas.:)

Archon of Death
24-09-2013, 00:04
That's actually kind of nifty. It's also a really nice way to explain their scarification and hatred of flesh outside of geneseed/chaos influence. Could, perhaps, their geneslaves have been influenced during the production of their geneseed leading to a long lasting, relatively unexplainable chapter wide neurosis that increases with age? I suppose it would explain their effective totalitarian control of the neighboring world as well.