View Full Version : Poll: What would you add to include all Legions in C:CSM?

Brother Horatio
24-09-2013, 16:46
There's a lot of gnashing of teeth regarding the Chaos Space Marine codex right now: I'm focusing specifically on the grievance regarding the inability to play all 9 traitor legions out of the codex. If you could be sitting next to Phil Kelly and have him add the elements you think are necessary to properly represent every chaos Legion, which would you include? Please feel free to elaborate in the comments below, as well.

Again, this is about elements you would add to properly represent every Legion, not necessarily about messing with internal balance in the codex (Ahriman should be better, nerf Heldrakes, ect.)

Brother Horatio
24-09-2013, 16:51
Son of a... I posted this in Warhammer General because I am a *****. Mods, please feel free to delete, I will recreate it in Warhammer 40k General.