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Nerd Knight
24-09-2013, 19:09
Hello fellow Warseers,

I have decided that my Bretonnians will be my tournament army for this year (as my Dark Elves will likely need to be restructured after the new release). I'm heading over to a semi-local 2500 point tourney Oct 25th and a few more to come around the same size. I have been working up to this list from a painting and modelling standpoint.

For feedback please feel free to offer any feedback. The only thing I'm 100% on is the following:
My Lord setup
My Lvl 4 lore (heavens)

Everything else is up for discussion.

My strategy depends on who I am facing, but essentially I'll have my "base" (trebs and archers) and my knights will try to roll up the flank and apply pressure at the weakest link. The impetuous paladin is there to help the KE catch a target off guard. The list is as follows:

Lords (499pts)
Lord (234pts)
Dragonbane Gem, Gromril Great Helm, Shield, Sword of Swift Slaying, The Knight's Vow, Virtue of Heroism, Warhorse

Propethess (265pts)- With the Mounted Yeoman as her personal bodyguard. If the opponent has no shooting (or minimal) then she will go solo and the MY will be used as fast cav.
Dispel Scroll, Lore of Heavens, Warhorse, Wizard Level 4

Heroes (568pts)
Damsel (145pts) - With the skirmishing archers
Lore of Beasts, The Silver Mirror, Wizard Level 2

Paladin (124pts)(In KOTR unit with the banner of chalons)
Battle Standard Bearer, Enchanted Shield, Ogre Blade, The Knight's Vow, Warhorse

Paladin (169pts)- For killing wizards hiding in units(HE with the BotWD especially since he's got a regular great weapon)
Dawnstone, Dragonhelm, Gauntlet of the Duel, Great Weapon, Royal Pegasus, Shield, The Questing Vow

Paladin - (Goes with the Errants) (130pts)
Biting Blade, Lance, Luckstone, Shield, The Knight's Vow, Virtue of the Impetuous Knight, Warhorse

Core (1005pts)
Knights Errant (261pts)
Cavalier, 11x Errant, Errantry Banner, Musician, Standard Bearer

Knights of the Realm (279pts)
Gallant, 10x KotR, Musician, Standard Bearer, Standard of Discipline

Knights of the Realm (250pts)
Banner of Chalons, Gallant, 9x KotR, Musician, Standard Bearer

Peasant Bowmen (70pts)
Braziers, Musician, 10x Peasant Bowmen

Peasant Bowmen (70pts)
Braziers, Musician, 10x Peasant Bowmen

Peasant Bowmen (75pts)
Braziers, Skirmishers, Musician, 10x Peasant Bowmen

Special (247pts)
Mounted Yeomen (82pts)
5x Mounted Yeomen, Musician

Pegasus Knights (165pts)
Gallant, 3x Pegasus Knight (165pts)

Rare (180pts)
Field Trebuchet (90pts)
Field Trebuchet (90pts)

Any tweaks or suggestions will be much appreciated.


24-09-2013, 19:16
Looks pretty solid, interesting build with the Questing Paladin on Pegasus.

Nerd Knight
24-09-2013, 19:19
Thanks Art!

His name is "Reginald the Bold" he has quite a reputation for swinging above his weight class in my gaming group. He's ace, one game against an ogre army he charged the mournfang, challenged the champion, and held them up until reinforcements could come finish off the Mournfang.

25-09-2013, 19:47
looks like a good list

02-10-2013, 23:34
Isn't this list a little light on troops. I think three small knight units could have a hard time holding large blocks up.

King Arthur
06-10-2013, 10:49
4 combat heroes and a Bsb is very steep think about it every knight counts for combat res etc. With only small knight blocks I fell of you come up against a strong unit with alot of ranks you may be forced into double charged at least get rid of a paladin and expand a knight unit to take out mass ranks.

11-10-2013, 18:24
Way too character heavy for my taste.