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26-09-2013, 17:38
I'm looking for some opinions on whats fluffy for a Crimsons fists list. My current idea revolves around Kantor, 2-3 units of sternguard, 2 units of scouts and 2-3 units of centurions.

Inquisitor Engel
26-09-2013, 17:42
Sternguard, Vanguard and Scouts should be the mainstay. The Centurions seem a bit out of place, as I would imagine much of their store was destroyed in the explosion and battles. They're not known for being swift, after all, and the fighting retreat probably had them as a liability than an asset.

Assault Squads and Devastators would probably be good too, showing those scouts who had progressed and are getting their experience in power armour before moving on to tactical squads.

26-09-2013, 17:49
I see where your coming from, I though centurions would be more fluffy then devastators, kind of concentrating the remaining devastators.

26-09-2013, 17:51
All of them. Every unit in the book is fluffy for Crimson Fists. They're still a codex Chapter, and they will still have sufficient resources from Battle Barges, Strike Cruisers, outposts and their own Techmarines to make what they need. While resources and manpower will be tight, they're still going to equip themselves as is appropriate for the mission. So take what you like.

Inquisitor Shego
26-09-2013, 17:54
A big smoldering crater with a charred sign beside it saying Rynns World Primary Fortress .

The battle of Rynn's world is long long gone. Though the Crimson Fists suffered many casulties, they endured, and have been rebuilding. At around half strength (I think), they lost a lot of great relics, but on the plus side, they've been doing the dirty work of the High Lords of Terra. In return, the High Lords of Terra have all the toys. You can give your Crimson Fists anything they want, and its fair to say somewhere along the line they've received it as a gift, a reward, or salvaged it from Rynn's World.

I mean think about it, there's only 10 companies of Ultramarines, but how many players out there have made their own Captain of the 3rd, 4th, 7th, or so company? Given him his own name, and lore and wargear. Your Crimsons could be at any point in their long and glorious history. Even perhaps before the attack, or maybe this is an army of the future. Do what makes you happy, chief. That's why we got into this in the first place. That and the chicks :D

26-09-2013, 18:12
Anything. More sternguard than usual but I don't think there's anything you should restrict. They are a codex chapter so all the usual stuff should be there.

Lord Damocles
26-09-2013, 21:06
All of them.
This. Oh lux, this.

Even if you're setting your army post-Rynn's World (as before they had just as much of everything as any other Chapter); you're putting down 40 or 50 Marines on the table - even with only two or three companies, a Chapter would be able to field almost any legal 40K force.

Even Terminators - with their fortress monastery destroyed, and most of the Chapter wiped out, they fielded 19 Terminator suits during the Battle of New Rynn City (Planetsrike, pg.66) which is fine for a standard army; and they might reasonably be assumed to have acquired more since then.

27-09-2013, 00:01
I'm looking for some opinions on whats fluffy for a Crimsons fists list. My current idea revolves around Kantor, 2-3 units of sternguard, 2 units of scouts and 2-3 units of centurions.

Looking at the old 5th ed codex fluff marine training goes scout, devastator, assault, tactical eventually veteran.

Pg 78 6th ed codex imperial fists and there successors are experts with bolter and heavy weaponry.

Pg 49 after rynns world campaign they had a disproportionate number of veterans and specailists particularly techmarines and apothecaries.

Pg49 and kantors fluff the Crimson fists fight but balanced with the need to withdraw from futile conflicts.

Based on this depending on the time since the rynns world campaign

There's the survivors of the disaster mainly now hard bitten veterans. There's the up and coming replacements scouts which move on to be devastators (going by the general 5th ed codex fluff). There's techmarines and command squad veterans with apothacaries to gather that oh so precious prognoid gland.

The stuff between that's lacking in numbers assault marines, tactical marines


scouts, devastators, devastator Centurions (there's plenty of techmarines around for salvage and repair of irreplaceable technology) any veterans but due to the imperial fists geneseed if it ain't sternguard why bother. Techmarines command squads.

Thats going purely by what's in the fluff really you can argue anything in.

my motto has grown to be "If it ain't got a bolter it ain't a marine".

27-09-2013, 00:51
my motto has grown to be "If it ain't got a bolter it ain't a marine".

You've made my IG with Bolter very happy.. I promote him to MAHREEN.

all joking aside.. what you said holds true.. Fluffy post RW follow Ranald's post.

Pre-RW follow C:SM