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26-09-2013, 18:40
Below is the list I would like to take into battle. I havenít played yet, so I donít know what to expect. As a result I have aimed to create an Ďall comersí list. The strategy is to force my opponent to come at me while I wait and castle up. I hope to do this with strong artillery and anti-magic. Once my opponent is within charging range, I hope to invoke the Master Rune of Challenge to dictate who takes on my Ďanvilí regiment (the shield warriors) and then close in with the two Ďhammerí regiments (the hammerers and great weapon warriors). The quarrellers are there to protect the artillery and provide a flank charge if they are so lucky. Tell me what you think. Thank you.
Heroes/Lords (578)

Dwarf Lord (145)

Great Weapon (6)
Shield Bearers (25)
Rune of Stone (5)
Rune of Resistance (25)
Rune of Preservation (15)
Rune of Spite (45)

Total: 266

Thane (65)

Battle Standard Bearer (25)
Master Rune of Gromril (25)
Rune of Resistance (25)
Master Rune of Challenge (25)

Total: 165

Rune Smith (70)

Shield (2)
Master Rune of Balance (50)
Rune of Spell Breaking (25)

Total: 147

Core (881)

Warriors x 34 (272) [bsb here]

Shields (34)
Full Command (25)

Total: 331

Warriors x 39 (312) [rune smith here]

Great Weapons (78)
Full Command (25)

Total: 415

Quarreller x 10 (130)

Musician (5)

Total: 135

Special (621)

Hammerers x 17 (221) [lord and shield bearers here]

Shields (17)
Full Command (30)
Master Rune of Grundgni (50)

Total: 284

Bolt Thrower (45)

Engineer (15)
Rune of Penetrating (25)
Rune of Fire (5)

Total: 90

Bolt Thrower (45)

Engineer (15)
Rune of Penetrating (25)

Total: 85

Grudge Thrower (80)

Engineer (15)
Rune of Penetrating (25)
Rune of Accuracy (25)

Total: 145

Rare (120)

Organ Gun (120)

Total: 120

26-09-2013, 19:34
Some things I have been thinking about, is if the warrior regiments could be smaller. Say 30 strong? It could free up some points unless units the size I have posted have proven useful.
Another thought is on the bolt throwers. They cost as much as a vanilla cannon each. However, they could prove to be effective monster killers and the one can cancel regeneration before the other one fires. Also, having two I can spread them out, or use them as speed bumps protecting my other war machines or even units. I can't take two cannons or I exceed the 3 special unit maximum.
Last, the rune smith. Am I risking him by having him in a regiment of warriors? Should I just stick him with the war machines?
Thanks for reading.