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We're starting a new Narrative campaign at our club next week (The Flintshire Gaming Club - if you're in the North Wales/Chester/Oswestry area come on down, we're always on the lookout for new members ;) ). I thought I'd stick the background and rules up here on the off chance that anyone is interested...

BACKGROUND - The Invasion of Karish-Nergal

It began with two men, divided by a common purpose, and the war and ruin they left in their wake.
Inquisitor Heraeclyte Gallius of the Ordo Xenos had long believed in turning the alien against itself. Considered a radical by many in his Ordo, nevertheless he had enough supporters to enact his most ambitious and ruthless strategem.
But Inquisitor Lord Thoth of the Daemon hunting Ordo Malleus was a monodominant puritan, even if he had been aware of Gallius' plans he could never have countenanced acquiescing to them.

Far beyond Ultramar, further even than the Salem subsector in the galactic southeast, where the light of the astronomican grows dim, beyond even the borders of what would become the Tau Empire was once a fortress system of the Imperium, and its capitol planet was Karish-Nergal.
Entire foundings of Imperial Guard regiments were stationed here, alongside several long forgotton chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. These forces were a bulwark against Xenos horrors from beyond the Eastern Fringe.
Records of Karish-Nergals fall have long been lost, the Nova Terra Interregnum and the Age of Apostasy destroyed or rewrote much Imperial history. What is known by Administratum archivists is that at some point in the 34th millenium the Warp anomaly now called The Soulvoid erupted and swallowed the entire system. 25 billion souls lost to the warp.
For over 7000 years the Soulvoid remained stable, and although as much a portal into realspace as the Maelstrom or even the Eye of Terra, its remote location meant Imperial assets were better used elswhere. The region was declared Perdatus, and although initially blockaded, it was eventually forgotten.

Until now.

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"I don't believe in chance or coincidence. Whether it be the machinations of the Changer of Ways, or the schemes of Xenos filth that consider themselves our superiors, there are powers at work in the galaxy set against Mankinds manifest destiny. They meddle in our affairs and try to set us on the course of ruin.
These creatures must be destroyed at all costs".
Inquisitor Lord Thoth, speaking at the Ghorad Convocation.

905.M41 - The Soulvoid shrinks to roughly half its previous size disgorging the reamains of the Karish-Nergal system back into realspace. All of the planets bar the capital were reduced to charred, lifeless husks. Karish-Nergal itself although intact, is changed.

917.M41 - A chance warpstorm blows the Patriarchs of Ulixis' strike cruiser "Imperial Will" massively off course and it re-enters realspace at the Mandeville point on the outskirts of the Karish-Nergal system. Initial augurs from the Astartes vessel detect horrific changes on the surface of Karish-Nergal, before the ships Astropaths and Navigator are possessed by diabolic warp entities. Epistolary Arkhan manages to send an urgent report by astrotelepathy before Karish-Nergals remaining orbital defence station blasts the strike cruiser to atoms.

924.M41 - Epistolary Arkhan's final message is received at the Inquistorial fortress at False Hope. It is eventually passed on to Inquisitor Lord Thoth, who swiftly assembles a crusade fleet of Astartes to re-take Karish-Nergal, or if that proves impossible, to enact Exterminatus.

927.M41 - A crusade fleet comprising assets from the Raven Guard, Flesh Eaters, White Scars Space Marines prepares to leave for Karish-Nergal. On the eve of their departure a Dark Angels strike cruiser arrives unnanounced. They are welcomed onto the crusade, although the reasons for their appearance concern some amongst the High Command.

927.M41 - A warning is received by Inquisitor Lord Thoth from the Farseers of Craftworld K'Jotem, commanding him to recall the fleet. Predictably, this is ignored.

938.M41 - The Crusade Fleet is considered lost in the warp. Thoth is incensed, blaming the interfering Eldar, and a 20 year Xenocidal campaign commences.

998.M41 - The Crusade Fleet finally reaches the outskirts of the Karish-Nergal system. Although of 60 years have passed in realspace, for the Crusaders it has been only a matter of weeks. Astropathic contact out of system is unreliable at best, Crusade psykers identify the issue as The Shadow in the Warp! The Great Devourer has come to Karish Nergal. Unpeturbed the Commanders of the Space Marines continue with their mission.

998.M41 - The Invasion of Karish-Nergal begins...

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"Some call me a renegade, but I believe myself merely pragmatic. Why waste human lives, when we can use the alien to kill the alien." Inquisitor Heraeclyte Gallius.

979.M41 - A Deathwatch Kill Team under the command of Inquisitor Gallius captures a Tyranid designate "Lictor" on the world of Vengeance on the far eastern galactic fringe.

980.M41 - Gallius determines the Lictor is a vanguard from a new splinter fleet, designate "Shimmtar". Keen to test out his theories on Tyranid behavior, he orders the Kill Team to release the Lictor on the world of Garsh IV (Tau designate Ja'Guan) a Tau colony world on the eastern edge of the Third Sphere of their empire.

982.M41 - Hive Fleet Shimmtar arrives at Garsh IV and destroy the planet utterly, stipping all of its biomass. Before destruction communications are sent to nearby sept worlds begging for aid. Also before its destuction, the Deathwatch Kill Team capture another Lictor before leaving the planet.

983-995.M41 - Gallius' Kill Team repeats there actions at a further 6 colonies, resulting in their destruction from the encroaching Tyranids. By 995.M41 a massive Tau armada has stopped the Hive-Fleet in its tracks, although the loss of life is horrific. Tau forces discover Imperial involvement when Inquisitor Gallius' Interrogator, Rexus is captured on Taelos II (Tau designate "Ra'thirn").
Under interrogation he reveals all of Gallius' activities, before converting to the Greater Good.
Tau high command are predictably somewhat upset with the Imperium.

996.M41 - Having successfully captured a live Hive Tyrant on Taelos II, and with Tau forces hunting them, Gallius orders his kill team back to the Inquisitorial fortress on False Hope, confident that in the warp, they will be able to elude their Tau persuers.
A splinter of Hive Fleet Shimmtar brakes off to pursue them, as does a sizable cadre of Tau forces.

997.M41 - The Kill Team strike cruiser is ripped from the warp over Karish-Nergal. Blown out space by the Orbital Defence Station, it crashes in the City of Skulls, a continent sized metropolis that homes the majority of the damned souls that inhabit the planet. The only survivor is the Hive Tyrant which unleashes a psychic call into the warp before being consumed by the Daemonic entities which now infest the planet.

997.M41 - The splinter of Hive-Fleet Shimmtar arrives in system and makes planetfall. The Chaos forces on Karish-Nergal are more powerful and are able to contain, but not eradicate the Tyranids.

998.M41 - The Tau pursuit force arrives in system. They discover their hated enemy, the Imerium of Mankind laying siege to a planet already beset by Tyranid invaders. The Tau send envoys offering aid to the planets surface, while the main force moves to attack the Imperial forces.

998.M41 - Eldar Forces from Craftworld K'Jotem exit the webway near Karish-Nergal.
Despite the best efforts of their farseers, it has now become essential to intercede against the forces of chaos to prevent a future where 2 Craftworlds are destroyed.

998.M41 - The Invasion of Karish-Nergal begins...

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Looks intresting, and I'd like to see the missions and rules aswell!

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There are 2 Factions in the Campaign - The Invasion Force of Inquisitor Lord Thoth, which consist of Space Marines of various flavours, Eldar and Tyranids (for now - the Tyranids can switch sides if we need to bolster one faction or another), and The Defenders of Karish-Nergal which consist of Traitor Guard, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, and Tau. Each faction has 5 players.

The essential framework is that there are 3 Campaign Phases of 2 turns each. Each phase has 5 warzones associated with it which have their own special rules and benefits for holding it. Each turn one player from either faction will fight over each warzone, and the winner of that battle will be considered to be holding it, which can bring benefits to the individual, or to the faction. The faction or player holding the warzone at the end of the Phase keeps any benefits attached to holding it going forward into the next Phase.

Although driven by the unfolding narrative, a simple scoring system is used to keep track of which faction is winning the war.
CAMPAIGN POINTS are awarded per battle, with 0 for a loss, 1 for a draw, and 2 for a win.


You must pick an HQ choice from your primary detachment to be both your Warlord, and your hero of the campaign.
You must use this unit in every game!
Warlord traits are rolled as normal, but once you get one you think is particularly fitting you can keep it for the remainder of the campaign if you so desire.
Your Hero's weapons and wargear should stay the same in every game, although you have the option of changing his equipment at the start of Phase 2, and again at the start of Phase 3.

At the end of every battle your hero will recieve an upgrade (or on the invaders side the chance to save for a better upgrade.)

For the Defenders side after every game roll on the Chaos Boons table in the Chaos Space Marines Codex, rerolling Spawndom, Daemonhood, and duplicate results. If you won your game you can pick from the result you rolled, or the result either side of it. If you lost or drew your game you're stuck with the result you rolled.

For the Invaders side, after every game you recieve a Hero Point. If you won your game you gain another. These points are used to buy the following special rules at the appropriate points cost. You can save points in order to purchase the more expensive rules.

1 point - Stubborn, Furious Charge, Crusader, Fleet, Stealth.
2 points - Hit and Run, Fearless, Rage, Shrouded.
3 points - Monster Hunter, Hatred, Feel no Pain, Rampage.
4 points - Fleshbane, Preferred Enemy (everything!), It Will Not Die.
5 Points - Smash, Eternal Warrior.

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The Invasion Of Karish-Nergal - Phase 1 - PLANETSTRIKE!

*Orbital Defence Station Primus
The only remaining defence station in orbit around Karish-Nergal is still fully operational - despite being warped by the touch of Chaos - As the 2000 lost souls on the Patriachs of Ulixis strike cruiser "Imperial Will" testify.
Special Rules -
Low Grav environment - non vehicle units may double the distance the move in the movement phase. If they choose to do this the unit must make DANGEROUS terrain rolls.
Hard Vacuum - to represent the potential for decompression and suffocation if armour is penetrated, all weapons gain the RENDING special rule.
Who takes a tank to a space station? - with the exception of skimmers, flyers, and walkers, all Vehicles must take DANGEROUS terrain tests if they move.
Win Bonus -
*The Invasion Force of Inquisitor Lord Thoth - Once the defence platform is neutalised, landing assets becomes much easier - in future games deep striking units/models and flyers may reroll failed reserves rolls
*The Defenders of Karish-Nergal - While the platform is operational the invaders cannot rely on orbital support - Orbital bombardment type attacks (grey knight strike relays/chapter masters etc) cannot be used by the invasion force.

*Space Hulk "The Doom of Garsh"
This space hulk has seemingly always drifted ahead of Hive Fleet Shimmtar as a fell harbinger of destruction. Now it drifts in the vanguard of the Tyranid splinter fleet.
Special Rules
Hard Vacuum - to represent the potential for decompression and suffocation if armour is penetrated, all weapons gain the RENDING special rule.
Hulkquake - the Space Hulk is made from an agglomeration of different vessels and stellar waste, and is unstable at the best of times - roll a dice at the start of every game turn. If it comes up equal or under the turn number then there is an earth(hulk)quake.
All non vehicle models/units must immediately take pinning tests. One a quake has occurred there is no need to continue rolling.
Win Bonus
PLAYER - Any player who wins a game in this warzone may nominate one of his units that took part in the battle as Void Elite. In all future games this unit has the SCOUTS and MOVE THROUGH COVER special rules.

*The City of Skulls - Necropolis
On the coastal outskirts of the city of skulls lies a vast necropolis. Once a hallowed resting place for Imperial servants it is now twisted and bloated by Chaos. It also represents an easier way into the City for the Invasion forces.
Special Rules
The Dead Walk - roll a d6 at the start of every Defenders of Kerash-Nergal turn. On a 1 D6 Chaos zombies erupt from the ground - they are treated as a new unit under the control of the Defenders player. Their profile is WS 3 BS 0 S3 T3 W1 A1 Ld5 Sv -. They have the fearless and feel no pain (5+) rules, and are a denial but not scoring unit. They can be placed anywhere the Defenders player chooses, and can act normally that turn.
Win Bonus
*Invasion Force - PLAYER
Survivors of this warzone become embittered fatalistic fighters - choose one unit that took part in the battle - this unit gains either the Stubborn or Hatred special rule.
*Defenders - FACTION
While the Defenders hold the Necropolis, all Defenders players can use The Dead Walk rules in their battles, regardless of Warzone.

*The City of Skulls - Manufactorum
Once creating war materiel for the forces of the imperium, these forges have been twisted over long millenia by the Warpsmiths or the Dark Mechanicum. Destroying these forges will hamper the Defenders ability to resupply and re-equip.
Special Rules
Toxic Smog - The Dark Mechanicus are most definitely not environmentally friendly - the air here is thick with pollutant smog - the whole game uses the night fight rules.
Ectoplasma leak - roll a d6 at the start of each players turns, before moving or rolling for reserves, casting blessings etc. On a 6 that player may immediately resolve a s8 ap2 blast hit on any one enemy unit, regardless of range or line of sight. If the blast scatters it always goes the full 2d6.
Win Bonus
*Invasion Force - FACTION
Destroying the enemies means of resupply means that all Defenders players must reroll successfull reserve rolls.
*Defenders - PLAYER
Blessing of the Dark Mechanicum - Choose 1 unit that took part in the battle. That unit gains one of the following special rules - Feel no Pain (5+), It Will Not Die, or Slow and Purposeful.

Invasion force augurs have detected a distress beacon from deep within the City of Skulls. Genetic marker transmission suggests it belongs to Epistolary Arkhan of the Patriarchs of Ulixis - thought lost with the destruction of his strike cruiser. A powerful psyker such as he would be an invaluable asset in the war against Chaos, so a recovery mission is immediately launched. Conversely he would be a useful ally to Chaos if he could be turned...
*Special rules
This uses the relic mission. Arkhan has triggered his Sus-An membrane after climbing to the highest point he could find to activate his beacon, a bridge between two cooling towers in the manufactorum zone. He must be transported as normal for a relic.
Win Bonus

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It's usually Genestealers that can send out a psychic beacon that attracts a hive fleet. Lictors, I think, are just the ones that produce a pheromone trail that attracts Tyranids already on planet towards more prey.

What's the motivation for the Crusade Fleet to attack the planet? I'd think that watching Chaos and the Tyranids beat each other senseless would be a cause for kicking back and making some popcorn, not for starting a planetary invasion on a Daemon world that's in the process of being Tyranoformed. Maybe stick an Imperial or Mechanicum MacGuffin on the planet to hook them in?

10-10-2013, 12:39
That's very interesting rules-wise. Also I think Dave is spot on. I will follow this closely :)

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It's usually Genestealers that can send out a psychic beacon that attracts a hive fleet. Lictors, I think, are just the ones that produce a pheromone trail that attracts Tyranids already on planet towards more prey.

What's the motivation for the Crusade Fleet to attack the planet? I'd think that watching Chaos and the Tyranids beat each other senseless would be a cause for kicking back and making some popcorn, not for starting a planetary invasion on a Daemon world that's in the process of being Tyranoformed. Maybe stick an Imperial or Mechanicum MacGuffin on the planet to hook them in?

The 2 Inquisitors plans are entirely separate - neither knew of the others plan. The Invasion force is just following orders, can't let some Xenos get in the way of purging heretics and traitors!, They are 80 years late, and out of communication with High Command, so being Space Marines its all "Kill the Xenos!", "Purge the traitor!". TBF, the whole Tyranid thing is only there to make the campaign inclusive for our club's Tyranid player, but it gave us a hook for the Tau involvement too.
Good catch on the Lictor/Genestealer thing - perhaps it was an advance Hive Node Lictor...

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Big props on the timeline entries, those are always my favorite kind of fluff narration! :)

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Haven't got time now to read the Phase 1 section, but everything else is looking very good indeed! My gaming group is in the process of starting a narrative campaign, so I'll be sure to check back here for updates on how your system is going. Ditto what Horus said, I love a good timeline and yours is very nice.

Midnight Runner
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Hey guys! I am taking part in this campaign, and after a pretty brutal 3k game were Adam's Ravenguard and My own Flesh Eaters (Blood Angels) teamed up against the forces of CSM/Daemon army on "The Bridge" Mission. It was the second time the Ravenguard and Chaos had played this mission, the first being a draw. So we played againg with 'reinfocements'. Ravenguard/Flesh Eaters won rescuing Epistolary Arkhan (aka the relic!), although it was close game. The reward was for our team is to basically choose who we play against in the next round thanks to information from Arkhan. I wrote some fluff for us to carry on the campaign; sorry it is lot of text, and apologies if this is against any rules as I am new here :o Anyway's hope you like it, Black Library I ain't:-

Sat on the west side of the cooling tower bridge deep within the City of Skulls, the brace of Landraiders, one Black, one Red towered over the surrounding debris and remains. The mission had been a success and Epistolary Arkhan of the Patriarchs of Ulixis had been rescued. However, the astartes of the heroic Raven Guard had been unable to wake him from unconsciousness they found him in whilst holding off a large Traitor Marine and Daemon Warband. Reinforcements from the Flesh Eaters had arrived and helped turn the tide of a battle which was becoming a stalemate. The ancient Landraiders of both Chapters had acted as bulwarks against the Emperor’s enemies, seemingly unscathed despite the ferocious onslaught. So it was that the astartes were ready to move to the next warzone, however not with out the help of the unconcious Arkhan.

The Flesh Eaters Librarian had entered the Fires of Deliverance though its assault ramp, the whirring of the servos of his hulking Tactical Dreadnought plate almost as loud as the hatch closing behind him. Helmetless, Epistolary Salem was met by another equally hulking marine clad in ancient ornate Terminator armour standing over the prone form of Arkan. Shadow Captain Razek Corvaar greeted Salem in a stoic manner typical of his Chapter, “Son of The Angel, well met” making the sign of the Aquila. “Well met” replied the Epistolary signing back. Corvaar was flanked by his Apothecary and a high ranking veteran marine. His armour hummed loudly as he returned his hands to the pommels of twin sheathed blades where they had been previously as he nodded to the Flesh Eater, and returned his gaze to Epistolary Arkhan, who seemed tiny in comparison to the terminator clad warriors. “I regret that our first meeting has to be in this most dire of situations, but it seems time is not on out side” “It would appear not” Salem’s irisless eyes were also on Arkhan. “My apothecary says that Arkan has been poisoned by some warp spawned beast. He is fighting off the unatural contagion, but not quickly enough to divulge the information needed for our next mission” Arkan lay on the floor in the centre of the Landraiders’ chamber. The forms of Salem and Corvaar seemed to fill its inards forcing the Corvaar’s power armoured subordinates to the edges. “We need the information of where the defenders are and what they are doing” continued Corvaar, his voice authorative yet calm. “Epistolary, you must retrieve this information as it will help the invasion forces efforts immensely” A man of few words, Salem placed his force axe and shield on the metal floor as small bolts of lighting began to play around his psychic hood. “This won’t be pleasant for him” was his reply “but Arkhan already knows this, he has a powerful mind and wishes to communicate with me even as we speak”. Corvaar raised an eyebrow slightly, hiding his surprise as best he could as Salem sat Arkhan and held him there. The Flesh Eater Epistolary looked squarely at the palid looking form on the floor as the lightning that danced around his hood grew brighter and crackled; the Ulixis’ upper cranium began doing the same as Salem looked in his mind.

++the eight pointed star++primordial annilator++coordinates++a worlds death nell++a cut++so much pain++coordnates++the nurgleth’s touch++millions of souls++traitors++war++coordinates++ more coordinates++fire++death everywhere++corruption++disease++ revenge of a race++coordinates++the lust for power++skulls for the skull throne++coordinates++the veil grows thin++coordinates++the dead walk amongst us++

The Landraider’s interior was bright with blue-white light as Salem worked. A look of pain was across both his own and Arkhan’s face, the Raven Guard’s eyes open and staring back at the Flesh Eater, raw warp power passing from one to the other. Squinting his eyes, it never ceased to amaze Corvaar how the psychically gifted worked. He had made war together with the Flesh Eaters before, there infamous rage fueled ways of war surprising him each time. This Epistolary Salem however seemed different, more controlled. The Librarian was at the head of the small contingent sent ahead of the main Flesh Eater strike force led by the infamous Voivod Captain Valek. Known as ‘The Terrible’, the Flesh Eaters third company Captain made Corvaar feel uneasy. He didn’t doubt Valek’s devotion to the cause, but his bloodthirsty, cavalier methods and choleric temperament infamous wherever these Scions of Sanguinius made war. Indeed, the Raven Guard were one of the few Chapters who still agreed to work with them due to a supposed inquisitorial investigation, recognizing them as the valuable shock troops that they were.

A loud scream returned Corvaar’s attention back to the matter in hand. Epistolary Arkhan began twitching on the floor as the blue electricity danced over him and dissapated. The man appeared to have aged years in the minute or so Salem had looked into him. Salem’s armour growled as he stood up returning to his full height. “He is not dead” he spoke before Corvaar’s inevitable question. “He is tainted by the Lord of Decay. His mind fights on in another plain, but his body will lose to the contagion here unless your Apothecary can save him, this ‘mortal’. I have however, garnered the information required” The Flesh Eater’s tone seemed uncaring toward Arkhan. “I have much to speak with you Shadow Captain Corvaar, the next phase will be of the utmost importance to our campaign. I respectfully suggest we conference with both the Son’s of Kahn and the Son’s of the Lion also.” Corvaar nodded, tapping the pommel of his larger sword “We must be quick Angel, Eldar appear to be up to something grave here also and are mustering a large force. I need to know what they want before reporting to the Inquisition and taking action” Salem drew back his lips to reveal his fangs, his disdain for xeno’s obivious. “Lord Coravaar, it would seem our destinies here on Karish-Nergal are intertwined with this Craftworld K’Jotem, whether we like it or not. Despite my own feelings, I respectfully suggest that contact with their Farseer is made as a matter of urgency” Corvaar laughed, “I do not think Thoth or Gallius would like that” Salem looked to the still twitching form of Arkhan, now being tended to by the Raven Guard Apothecary, and returned his irisless eye back to Captain Corvaar. “They…” he paused “They must not know…..”

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The Invasion of Karish-Nergal : Phase 2 - Into the City of Skulls!

Phase 2 Warzones

*Dark Mechanicus Missile Silo's
The missile silo's of the Dark Mechanicus' forges have weapons capable of intercontinental and inter-orbital strikes in addition to munitions capable of wreaking havoc on the City of Skulls itself.
It must be taken and held at all costs!

Special Rules -
Missile Lock - The forges are littered with Earthshaker Cannons, Melta torpedo projectors, missile silo's and more. At the start of each player turn, that player must roll a d6. On a result of 6 he can fire an unlimited range S9 AP3 large blast barrage in the shooting phase. This blast always scatters the full amount rolled.

Win Bonus -
FACTION - Whichever faction holds this warzone can ignore any reserve penalties or orbital bombardment penalties they may be suffering due to turn 1's results

*The Black Spire
This menacing edifice juts out from the centre of the City of Skulls and claws at the sky. The whole area is seeped in blackness and horror. Epistolary Arkhan has divined that this warzone is the source of the Chaos Zombies anima - if the imperials can destroy it they will prevent the creation of any more zombies, but if it can be reinforced by Chaos forces, the Zombie plague will become even more widespread.

Special Rules -
Shadow Shrouded - The veil of blackness from the spire supresses vision - the night fighting rules are in force for the entire game.
Zombie Plague - The Dead Walk special rule is in effect, but more potent- roll a d6 at the start of every Defenders of Kerash-Nergal turn. On a roll of 1-3, D6 Chaos zombies erupt from the ground - they are treated as a new unit under the control of the Defenders player. Their profile is WS 3 BS 0 S3 T3 W1 A1 Ld5 Sv -. They have the fearless and feel no pain (5+) rules, and are a denial but not scoring unit. They can be placed anywhere the Defenders player chooses, and can act normally that turn.

Win Bonus -
Invasion Force - PLAYER - Choose 1 unit - this unit gains Fearless or Hatred. Also FACTION - if the Defenders of Karish-Nergal had factionwide access to The Dead Walk or Zombie Plague in every warzone, this is lost.
Defenders of Karish-Nergal - FACTION - While this warzone is held all faction members gain The Dead Walk special rule. If the faction already had this, they gain the Zombie Plague rule instead.

*City of Skulls - Temple Precincts "Der Impaler"
The central domains of the City of Skulls are the Temple Districts. Der Impaler is a temple dedicated to Khorne.

Special Rules -
Null Zone - All Psykers have their Leadership HALVED for the purposes of psychic tests.
Fury of Khorne - The rage in this place is palpable, and has an effect on even the most steadfast warriors - All models gain the Rage and Furious Charge special rules. In addition any unit within 12" of an enemy at the start of the assault phase MUST attempt a charge if they are eligable to do so.

Win Bonus -
PLAYER - Everlasting Anger - choose 1 unit. That unit gains the Rage or Furious Charge special rule.

*City of Skulls - Temple Precincts "Schattenschei"
The central domains of the City of Skulls are the Temple Districts. Schattenschei is a temple dedicated to Nurgle.

Special Rules -
Toxic Atmosphere - all attacks in this warzone have the POISONED (4+) special rule.
The Shrouding and the Blight - All models gain the Shrouded special rule. All models without the Daemon of Nurgle or Mark of Nurgle special rule have
-1 Toughness.

Win Bonus -
Invasion Force - PLAYER - Choose one unit. This unit gains the Feel No Pain (5+) or Slow and Purposeful special rule.
Defenders of Karish Nergal - FACTION - While this warzone is held, all models with the Mark of Nurgle or Daemon of Nurgle special rules can choose to pass or fail reserve rolls. Also if the choose to deep strike there is no chance of scatter.

*City of Skulls - Temple Precincts "Everspyre"
The central domains of the City of Skulls are the Temple Districts. Everspyre is a temple dedicated to Tzeentch.

Special Rules -
The Winding Path - Roll a d6 at the start of each player turn. On a 1 all terrain is treated as DIFFICULT. On a 6, all units gain +6" movement in that movement phase.
The Flow of Magic - All failed Psychic tests must be rerolled

Win Bonus -
PLAYER - Choose 1 unit - that unit gains either the Adamantium Will or Stealth special rule.

*City of Skulls - Temple Precincts "Penetration"
The central domains of the City of Skulls are the Temple Districts. Penetration is a temple dedicated to Slaanesh.

Special Rules -
The Pleasure and the Pain - All non vehicle units gain the Feel No Pain (5+) special rule. In addition they also gain Fearless in close combat, but lose the Hit and Run rule if they possessed it.
The Sirens Call - At the start of each player turn, that player must make a Leadership test for each of his non vehicle units. Any that fail suffer 1 of the following effects, until the end of their turn.
1-2 All terrain counts as difficult.
3-4 May only fire Snap Shots.
5-6 WS1.

Win Bonus -
PLAYER - Choose 1 unit - this unit gains either the Feel No Pain (5+) or Crusader special rule.