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27-09-2013, 15:59
Hello everyone

Going to a tournament in December and looking to take a different list compaed to my normal CC orientated dwarfs

Comps is

Dwarfs can generate max of 3 extra dispel dice
x1 spelleater rune
unit size max 450pts including banner, command etc
BSB can take mundane items if they werent a bsb
x4 Warmachines and x2 max of the same type

so heres my list for c&c

Rune Lord, Shield, Anvil of Doom, Tasilman Runes – Spell Eater, Rune of Spellbreaking , Armour Runes – Stone = 398pts
Lords Total = 398pts

Thane, BSB, Great Weapon, Armour Runes – Gromril, Talisman Runes – Spite, Weapon Runes – Speed = 169pts
Hero’s Total – 169pts

20 Quarrellers 220pts, 20 Great Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer, Veteran = 285pts
20 Quarrellers, 20 Great Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer, Veteran = 285pts
40 Warriors, Great Weapons, Musician, Standard, Veteran = 425pts
Core Total = 995pts

30 Hammers, Musician, Standard Bearer,Gate Keeper, Rune Standard – Grungi = 440pts
Cannon, Engineer Runes – Forging = 125pts
Cannon, Engineer Runes – Forging, Burning = 130pts
Special Total = 695pts

Organ Gun
Organ Gun
Rare Total = 240pts

Main Total = 2497pts


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28-09-2013, 17:52
Hello there fellow Dwarf player!

Overall your list looks pretty good. I might however suggest a few changes:

1) I would change your BSB's build into something a bit more well rounded like: Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance and Rune of Preservation (Immune to Poison/KB). This way you get a 1+ re-rollable armor save and are immune to things that will kill you outright and ruin your day. Personally, I prefer this build to the one you have listed as it means you take almost no damage against S4 or even S5 troops (a 3+/3++ is better than a 3+/4++ after all) and most strong combat things in WH are at S5 or S6 and this build is equal to yours against S6 and better against everything lower than that.

2) I might also suggest getting rune of resistance on the anvil because lizardmen can really ruin your day with their poison surpassing your high T.

3) Also I would definitely suggest taking at least 1 Grudge Thrower with +2 Strength and Re-Rolling Scatters (and probably with the Flaming Rune as well). This thing is just SO amazing and can even be used reliably like a cannon to defeat monsters with the re-rolling scatter.

Hope this helps,