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Sam Spade
27-09-2013, 16:30

So 1k Sons are my favorite legion and after reading two Prospero books I was wondering are the 1k Sons now never going to have another HH book? I haven’t really read any of the books after that, so forgive me if they’re in another one already. Are they going to go backwards at all with the books to do some stuff before the Heresy?


27-09-2013, 20:23
Scars deals with a lot of the Nikaea fluff, including its results, Magnus, conversations between Storm-seer Yesugei and Ahriman and some more things that would go deeper into spoiler territory.
There's also Thief of Revelation / Hunters Moon coming up, which is a dual audio drama.

27-09-2013, 23:03
There hasn't been much other than mentions and slight cameos. No doubt a big book or two is planned to fill us in on their activities during the Heresy, because by the looks of things, they've been fairly inactive whilst licking their wounds on the Planet of the Sorcerers.

30-09-2013, 09:32
Magnus shows up a few times in Betrayer and Aurelian - Betrayer especially is worth picking up.

30-09-2013, 12:37
Well I have to say that Prospero Burns and A Thousand Sons weee really good books, one of the best in the HH series. For some reason I want it to just stay at that, with Ahriman finding out the Rubric, and Magnus contemplating in his spire.

15-10-2013, 19:19
The Thousand Sons are at the battle of Terra, so defenitely we will have more Magnus and sons.

16-10-2013, 17:23
So have we seen any hints as to why Magnus joins with Horus? I hope it comes down to real motives rather than any chaos-thinga-maging.

17-10-2013, 11:08
So have we seen any hints as to why Magnus joins with Horus? I hope it comes down to real motives rather than any chaos-thinga-maging.

According to Scars:

He is still undecided, but observing. He obviously has his ties with Lorgar, but also the Khan. A spirit-fragment left behind on Prospero is talking the Jaghatai about it, and while it is not exactly the real Magnus, it does shed some light on his position - including a small hope that the Emperor may forgive him after all, if he does the right thing.

30-10-2013, 16:27
I'm sure they will have another book at least, where the books are up to at the moment Magnus hasn't made his final decision on whose side he is taking.

06-11-2013, 09:28
The Thousand Sons will definitely reappear en masse, although whether they'll get another whole book to themselves who can say? They probably will, but there's nothing in the schedule as yet.

Members of the Thousand Sons and/or Magnus also make appearances, of varying length and importance, in the following books, if you haven't already read them:
False Gods
Battle for the Abyss
The Outcast Dead
The First Heretic

06-11-2013, 20:48
I expect full book about thousand sons...It it, Magnus debates himself what to do, and after he declares himself to Horus, I expect some battle...against wolves, mabye

12-01-2014, 21:19
I too would like to read more on them. Downloaded a host of the audiobooks that I could find of the horus heresy. I have listened up to 'A Thousand Sons' and it's probably my fave so far. Some great characters. Got Prospero Burns on my phone for tomorrow, should make work more bearable :D

Looked far and wide for The First Heretic audiobook, but I guess I will have to read rather than listen :eek: