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28-09-2013, 21:12
I'm about to start doing a "build-up" campaign and want to do mine as an Alpha Legion force, just undecided on how to do that. I'm thinking of using either CSM and going with Huron + troops cultists/Vet Chaos marines OR SM with raven guard rules. I like the idea of having a Chaos army using SM rules and gear, like they have walked up to a forge world and "requisitioned" it. Just wanted peoples ideas

28-09-2013, 22:55
Alpha legion is the one traitor legion i can accept being played with loyalist rules (well as a fallen player I can also except fallen armies being played either with C: DA or C:CSM). There's also the option of having csm with allied guard as eiither rebels who have joined the AL or loyal guard manipulated by them. A nice idea would be building the army in such an ambiguous style that it could be used as either c:sm or c:csm depending on your mood (or the story of the battle). Note that there's a huge difference to making an army that is cool because it could be both and codex jumping. One is lazyness one is dedication. How much effort you put in making sure both aspects are represented in your army is the difference.
Say you have a unit that can either be used as a thunderfire cannon or a forgefiend , now this should include elements of both models it's meant to represent and if your opponent knows you play sm today he should be able to say yeah obviously that is a thunderfire cannon, while if he know you play csm that's obviously a forgefiend. if done well it can be really awesome if done wrong you'll get accused a lot of codex jumping (you probably will be regardless, there are always people with a stick up their...).

29-09-2013, 18:54
That means you use huron, so chaos codex with raven guard rules so Vanilla codex. that won't be accepted, i think. Plus you want to allies with ig.... i have the feeling that you etheir drop the raven guard or huron and keep the ig allies to make it acceptable.

01-10-2013, 07:00
I like the idea of building the army around using both C:SM and C:CSM. I'd be building it around squads of chosen/stern guard backed up with some fire support. I'm happy to risk rolling for warlord traits as opposed to trying to get Huron/Ahriman in the army. Thanks for the ideas