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21-03-2005, 16:21
Hi guys,

I recently aquired a Ronin (from the Void game system), and I'm halfway through converting it into a transport for my Enforcers. Now, before you all start moving this so it's under P&T, I'll get to my point. :p Basically, I thought it would be cool to make some house rules for a water cannon in true riot-supression style. So, what do you think of these current rules:

Water cannon. May only be given to Enforcer gangs. Follows same rules as all Enforcer weapons (can't be traded/used by other gangs, ignores first failed ammo roll, etc.).

Short range: 6"
Long range 16"
Str. 2
Damage: special
Ammo roll: 2+ (pretty easy to dump a few water canisters in a vehicle ;) )
Special rules:May only be mounted on a vehicle. While the water cannon is capable of incapacitating people, it's primary function is to stall and push back any enemy advance. So, if a wound is inflicted on an enemy model hit by the water cannon, before saves, they are automatically hurled back D6+3".

I'm sure I've missed out one of the weapon stats, but hey. I'm at college still, so you can't blame me - can you? :eek:

Anyway, any ideas?

21-03-2005, 17:23
save modifier you fool :D
snyway, it sounds cool,
being flung D6+3 might be a bit much..... but im not one to say....

22-03-2005, 21:48
Dude, 40,000 years in the future, they've probably got water cannons that could flip a rhino.

25-03-2005, 01:10
Good idea, the riot water cannon is a brilliant idea, i really like it, maybe mix chemicals in it to incapaciatate people, BTW they do this in real life. Post pics of the conversion once youve done it.

Sgt John Keel
29-03-2005, 19:00
I'm quite sceptical to water cannons. It doesn't feel right for the 40k universe. Remember, Arbites vehicles mounts autocannons for crowd control. :D