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05-06-2006, 19:44
IC discussion for the Penal Legion RPG goes here. At the moment you are in a command room about to be briefed about your mission. You'll be assmebling and waiting for the Captain to arrive

NOTE- late comers from after the briefing/ mission beggining is over will be reinforcemnets form other forces

17-06-2006, 09:30
-All actions must be like this:
"John runs towards the tree and attempts to shoot at a Tyranid"
Then the GM will reply with whether you have failed or succeeded

-No unbelievable things, and do not make up things. The GM has to have said that there is something like that there

- Try not to post in itallics, because that is what the GM does

-Please don't type in unreadable colours

17-06-2006, 09:55
You are in a room that has red drapers ahnging from the wall. It is richly furnished,a nd would be beautiful is the sound from outside was not deafening. There are two doors. One leads outside, but the other has a makeshift sign saying ''Burning Devils' HQ'

A Man in the uniform of the Praetorians and wearing a peaked cap walks in.
"I am Captain Hekt Torrn. You are all criminals and will follow me to oyur deaths. There will be no forgiveness. Please come inside"

17-06-2006, 10:08
Natalya rolled her one good eye. "And a fine good afternoon to you too" she muttered as she fiddled with her eyepatch. The wound still caused her grief sometimes. She stood up, straightened her great-coat ad followed after the Captain.

17-06-2006, 10:29
As you go inside the room, your first thought are of how dark it is. It is almost empt except for a small man bent over a table. The table is inscribed with strange runes, that seem to glow green oddly.
"We'll just wait for the others. Feel free to take a seat"
You look around and see that there are chairs in one corner.

18-06-2006, 20:47
Carric walked into the briefing room, his bionic eye adjusted instantly to darkness, but his normal didn't, giving him a head ache. This happened a lot, so he pulled out his eyepatch and put it over his normal eye til the head ache went and it was used to the darkness.

He looked over and saw chairs and another trooper so sat down, smoothing down his trench coat. "So any idea what sort of suicide mission were off on this time?" He asked out the side of his mouth.

18-06-2006, 20:55
Natalya watched the first trooper to enter the room with disbelief and a touch of contempt. Masking his real eye in favour of a crude bionic one? She would rather fire blind than have those cog-boy freaks jam a few chunks of glass and metal into her face and call it a technalogical miracle or something. She bit down on her pride.

"Well, aren't we the eyepatch club" she muttered dryly. "Mission? We have a mission?" She asked in a tone of mock disbelief "Usually they just drop us into some god-Emperor forsaken hell-hole and tell us to kill some Xeno, mutant, heretic or traitor before they manage to kill us all"

Cpt. Drill
18-06-2006, 23:11
Otto Stumbled into the room backwards nearly tripping over, He turned gave a half arsed salut to everyone then grinned... "EEhh Guys im 'ere!"

"Natalya... yea' im sorry about that last mission, guess I wasnt on form that time" he made a gun with his hand and fired it and winked at her. He carried on grinning and then pulled up a seat

19-06-2006, 16:49
Hekk Torrn turns to Otto.
"Sergeant, watch the door and make ready for a kit inspection after the briefing!" He turned back to the rest. "If the others do not arrive soon then we will be leaving without thme, they will be brought in as reinforcements."
He nodded at the man bent over the table, and the runes glowed brightly.
"I will brief you now and any others must be briefed by yourselves."

A city plan appeared, 3D on the table.
"This is the city we are attacking, an important hive taken by traitor forces. So far, an orbitla bombardment has destroyed th eouter defences,a nd we have entered the outer habs. An armoured company is bombarding the outer defences, and will then advance on the Spire. We will be going underground into the sewers, to join with the few loyal Arbites in holding back the scummers and scavies. You are under orders to hold the line, and wait for intel on whether your allowed to advance. We have exactly three planetary hours to evacuate loyal civilians and retreat, as the amroured company will then turn on the rest of the hive. There will be no assisstance, and no special training."
He nodded to the man and the hologram switche doff.

19-06-2006, 20:04
Carric drank in the info, processing it, he'd only been a trooper and only ever would be, but he had a great tactical knowledge. He had a nose for plans and all that besides.
"Yes sir." Carric answered instantly. but under his breath he murmured wryly "Understand? Does it matter if we dont, were still going in."
He rose from his seat and turned around, heading off to gather his kit and see if there was anything worth lifting. He knew stealing was aginst Guard regulations, but he was tarred as a thief because of being a penal legionnair so he'd live up to it.

19-06-2006, 21:02
"Hmm. A markswoman seems a little out of place in a sewer fight....Sir" Natalya stated with no small attempt made to disguise the contempt in her voice. "Why exactly did you assign me to this mission?"

20-06-2006, 15:16
IC: Sosaj
Sosaj walked into the briefing room about half way through the briefing. He half saluted to Captain Torrn as he flopped down into a chair. He didn't really care what their mission was. As long as he was allowed to blow something up Sosaj would be happy. He slowly pulled out his knife, drawing it quickly seemed to get him hurt, and a rag. Gently, almost lovingly, he polished the blade until it had a mirror finish.
One of the other prisoners spoke up, a woman he didn't recognise. "A markswoman seems a little out of place in a sewer fight....Sir," her voice dripping with contempt, 'she must be an excellent sniper,' Sosaj thought, 'or she would have been killed for that sort of comment.'
Curious, he sat back to see how this would play out.

20-06-2006, 16:41
"Natayla, you will not be in a sewer as such, but in the non-rich peoples habs. These are therefore lower down. If you cna find one, bridges make excellent look out points."

Carric, you see a small wallet contianing four creds near the top of Torrn's bag

20-06-2006, 17:41
Natalya's left eye-brow rose. 'He's telling ME good sniping locations' she thought. 'Sniping from A BRIDGE? Is he TRYING to get me killed' a faint smile crossed her lips as she remembered. 'This is a Penal Legion, getting us killed is the point'

20-06-2006, 21:19
Seth strode into the briefing room with his Blade in hand. He had just returned form a scouting mission into the sewers that the little rag tag band would be going into just clearing out some of tunnels and making contact with the Arbites that the group would be linking up with.

"Hello every body what'd I miss?"

Seth said as he strode into the room with a smile on his facing and him thinking he was the *****. then again he was covered in *****.

Cpt. Drill
21-06-2006, 14:02
“Sewer fights now that’s my kind of thing! No place to run or hide from a wall of fire!” Otto grinned,
“Or if not Low wealth habs those place go up in smoke from a little spark if I remember correctly” He looked around the room with a face filled with malice.

23-06-2006, 13:05
Carric spied the wallet in Torrns bag, but ignored it. Although he stole, it want straight from a bag, if he knew the owner.
He'd steal stuff that got left around, spare mags, looted weapons, stuff he could sell on, or use himself. He pulled out his las-carbine and began to dull down its shine. A glint of metal in a sewer was a sure way to bring down a wall of fire and a world of pain.
He finished with his las-carbine and placed it back in it's holster/rig, strapped across his back.

27-06-2006, 17:20
OOC- Sorry guys I was away for the weekend.

"The attack wil begin in 0800, the time now is 0700. You may relax for the remainder. Stay within a mile of this building, you will be signalle din by a flare."

29-06-2006, 20:58
Natalya left the briefing room and headed for the roof of the building, her rifle slung across her shoulder. Reaching the roof, she unslung her rifle and equipment pack. She unscrewed the old barrel, before replacing it with a fresh one. She removed a clip from the case of ammunition from her pack and slotted it into her rifle. Next she attatched the Bipod to it and propped the rifle against a wall. Reaching into a pocket within her trenchcoat, she pulled out her prized scope. She slid it into place into it's well oiled housing before removing the cap. She dropped to one knee and picked up the rifle, it was time to calibrate the scope and to start working out how the local atmospherics, such as air resistance or wind would affect her shots so when the time came to engage, such variables could be compensated for.

29-06-2006, 23:06
Sosaj followed the woman with the sniper rifle up to the roof. He watched as she quickly and efficiently cleaned and prepped her rifle.
Quietly he stepped forward out of the shadows.
"You must be very good at what you do to not be shot for such insolence."
He help out his hand, "Sosaj, if it explodes, I like it."

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30-06-2006, 00:48
Natalya turned at the voice from behind her. Part of her sniper training was to help break the natural desire to jump at unexpected happenings. Suprise tends to ruin even the best lined up shot. She gripped the offered hand firmly.

"Natalya Petrovich. And to be honest, let the Captain shoot me for insubordination. Whether I die at the muzzle of his bolt pistol, or a servant of the dark powers eats my face. Either way he will be the death of me. So if I offend him that much, let him go in a man down."

02-07-2006, 12:38
"Hmm, good point," Sosaj grinned at the sniper. "Maybe I should try annoying him too." He paused for a moment, "then again, they wouldn't kill me for blowing my last one up, so annoying this bastard probably won't work either." He glanced up as a bright flare leapt into the sky, "Time to go, wouldn't want to keep our dear CO waiting."

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Cpt. Drill
02-07-2006, 23:19
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Otto looked up from what he was doing, "Damn, Time flys! I only had enough time to smoke a one roll"

03-07-2006, 11:00
Carric saw the flare, and replaced his vibro-knife back in it's boot scabbard, its battery cell was charged.
He wandered slowly seeing if there was anything to steal, a deck of cards and that was about it. He pocketed it anyway. The tent loomed, and so did more fighting.
Carric pulled out his las-carbine, slammed home and mag and listened to the hum as it powered up. He flicked on the safty and then walked into the tent.
"Of to war in His name." He said quietly to himself.

03-07-2006, 11:41
OOC: Hey, he stood and watched me prep my rifle and get the hang of local conditions and stuff, that would definiely have taken some time.