View Full Version : full command and points cost with equipment ?

02-10-2013, 14:37
This might be a stupid question but I'm curious, when we are working out a unit with full command how exactly do we work out the points for them, ie a unit of 10 chaos warriors with full command and halberds, does this count as first 10 chaos warriors all costing the same then the additional points cost to upgrade all 3 ? or would you not add points to say the musician and standard coming with a halberd or would you only factor in 7 all armed like that and just add the 3 command guys without those points costs ?


02-10-2013, 14:45
Command options are upgrades onto the models that already exist.
Same deal with equipment options.

So 10 chaos warriors with halberds and full command would be bought for as follows

10 chaos warriors
+10 halberds (one for each model)
+3 command options (champion, musician, standard bearer)

The actual models don't necessarily need to be armed with halberds as it is assumed they have them.

So you pay the points for
10 chaos warriors
+10 halberd upgrades
+3 command upgrades
And these added together give you your total points cost

02-10-2013, 14:55
Like unwanted said,

10 Chaos Warriors @ 14 points each = 140 points
10 Halberd Upgrades @ 3 points each = 30 points
3 command upgrade @ 10 points each = 30 points

140+30+30= 200 points for 10 Chaos Warriors full command with halberds.