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03-10-2013, 07:56
Hello all,

Despite being a large group of hard veterans, last time anyone from our gaming circle tried to run a (non tomb king) character in a chariot it was like the mid 90's.
Some of the new kits, however, look interesting, and, at some point, some adventurous souls (not me for sure!) might be persuaded to go that way, just for the sake of it.
I'd like, therefore, to gather the general opinion of the Warseer community on a few points that, for the sake of clarity, we need sorted out before arguments spoil all the fun.
Note: when I searched for the word "cariot" a whole heap of treads came up, but none so generic. If these questions have been already asked\replied too a link to those (most likely ancient) treads would be much appreciated.
So, here we go with questions:

Once a character is mounted on a chariot, he gets the chariot troop type: true or false?

The profile is "merged", like it is for monstrous mounts? If yes, what special rules apply to the hybrid model? Do we just have to figure out by exclusion, or someone has been so smart to add a summary in the rulebook? If yes, what page?

Killing blow only applies to infantry and cavalry models so, I suppose, it does not apply to characters in chariots. I remember, however, the revised monster mount faq specifically stated kb does not work. Am I correct? If yes, is that specification not redundant? Also, how about heroic killing blow? Do we have precise boundaries?

Does the new "hybrid" character\chariot model (if it is indeed the way things work) means the character dies along with his chariot? Seems reasonable to me.

Do protective magic items work for the whole hybrid character\chariot? (again, provided the profiles are merged indeed).

Aaaahhh, I guess this is it for now.
Other questions might spring up, however, according to the replies....

Thank you all for you help guys.



03-10-2013, 08:46
The character does indeed gets the type chariot. But its not a merged profile, its more like a monster mount. So the chariot and character won't die at the same time. Magic items only work for the bearer, so not for the mounts, unless the magic item tells otherwise. I believe killing blow won't work anymore, but that is something you should check in the faq

Lord Zarkov
03-10-2013, 18:12
Furrie is correct - characters riding a chariot work more-or-less like a ridden monster, but obviously his unit type changes to Chariot rather than Monster.

Under the current FAQ regular Killing Blow will not work (as he's no longer infantry), but Heroic Killing Blow will work as normal (as it always works).

Magic Items and Special Rules will only affect the character unless they specifically say they work on the chariot as well (I think a few of the TK ones might do this).

Basically treat a character on chariot in the same way as you would a character on a dragon and you won't go far wrong.

04-10-2013, 14:39
Hi guys,

Thanks for your help.
So, basically, rider on monster with "monster" substituted by "chariot". Cool. We might actually have a go at that then :)
Again thanks guys!