View Full Version : 5 kroxies or an ancient steggie?

03-10-2013, 08:32
for a combat powerhouse what is more effective?

a unit of 5 kroxies or an ancient stegadon without the engine?

- 15 str 7 WS3 attacks with 15 wounds and 3 S4 stomp


- D6+1 str6 impact 3 attacks and D6 S6 stomp?

I will have a baby steg as well no matter what.

vs nurgle warriors I think the Asteg may be better as it gets the impact and stomps vs the greater number of attacks.
ie 4 impact wounds + 1 attack wound + 3 stomp wounds vs 5 attack wounds + 1 stomp wounds

vs heavy cav
the kroxies may do better.

any thoughts?

03-10-2013, 21:24
Don't forget 5 skinks riding ancient stegadon. Anyway, I did some math-hammer for you.

5 kroxigors have: 15x S7 attacks + 3x S5 stomps + 1,5x S7 attacks from predatory fighter rule.
Ancient steg has: 3x S6 attacks + 4,5x S6 impact hits + 3,5x S6 stomps + 5x S3 skink attacks.

vs. T3, AS 5+, infantry:
Kroxigors: 9,37 wounds
Ancient stegadon: 8,75 wounds

vs. T4, AS 5+, infantry:
Kroxigors: 8,87 wounds
Ancient stegadon: 8,47 wounds

vs. plaguebearers (-1 to hit, T4, ward 5+)
Kroxigors: 4,39 wounds
Ancient stegadon: 5,37 wounds

vs. T3, AS 1+, cavalry (no stomps here):
Kroxigors: 4,58 wounds
Ancient stegadon: 2,71 wounds

Some thoughts:
- stegadon has better survivability against everything except cannons
- kroxigors are likely to loose at least one model (and >15% of efficiency) before attacking when fighting elite troops
- steg will be 40-45% weaker in 2nd round - no impact hits
- steg has terror, shooting attacks, stubborn, is immune to psychology, can be upgraded (d3 wounds per impact hit, devastating charge), costs a bit less but has lower leadership
- kroxes are better vs anything with high T or heavy armour

Steggie is my choice. More utility with damage comparable to kroxes :)

ps. 5 kroxes in a single row (instead of two) would deal 1-2 more wounds

Spiney Norman
03-10-2013, 21:44
If you're taking a baby steg anyway I would go for the ancient, target saturation is generally the best way to run dinosaurs in the Lizardmen list. Plus always give your stegs the sharpened horns upgrade. It makes their impact hits utterly devastating to any multi-wound units.