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Karak Norn Clansman
03-10-2013, 17:38
Please participate in the poll and feel free to explain yourself in the thread.

As for myself, the last years' GW price rises have dampened my brand loyalism and lowered the enthusiasm for shiny (new) miniatures enough to make me buy only a few products from Games Workshop. I swallowed Dreadfleet when it was released, but the current Lotr/Hobbit prices have effectively thwarted my plans to amass a sizeable collection. Nowadays I mostly buy rule books, bases and paints from GW aside from the odd miniature, with the bulk purchases coming from Mantic, Ramshackle Games and Titan Wargames. Other smaller companies like Russian Alternative and Avatars of War have crept up as contenders for the hobby budget. Most Citadel miniatures are nowadays bought from Ebay. My last great shopping from GW was made half by half in panic mode as my gaming group realized that Games Workshop was phasing out its Specialist and Collectors ranges, so we scrambled to buy what we had long wanted before they were gone like the Blood Bowl Deathroller. This event was an exception to the rule and will likely prove unique.

In short, GW's price rises cooled me off to their products, and similar trends can be seen amongst fellow hobbyists of mine.

Have your spending patterns changed due to GW price rises?

03-10-2013, 18:00
Yes, but not the price rise you are referring to ;)

I got out when I left GW back in 2007. I dabbled for a little while longer, but moved on to other games and in the last four years I think the only money spent on GW was for the Games Day fig last year (which ended badly for GW, as they refunded me, gave me multiple free copies and a £10 voucher as they couldn't get me a cast that was of a good enough quality).

Karak Norn Clansman
03-10-2013, 19:11
Yes, but not the price rise you are referring to ;)

The topic is open. Veterans are welcome to describe how their hobby spending changed already with GW's price rises during the 90s, if it did. ;)

Whitwort Stormbringer
03-10-2013, 19:43
I went for "buy much less", probably starting in the early/mid ots and basically stopping in 2010 (odd purchase here and there like Dreadfleet, a few LOTR metals before they went finecast, 1 box of plastic plaguebearers)

I think there was a bit of a positive feedback loop going on with me - when you start buying less, you start playing less frequently, as you play less often your purchasing habits decrease even more, which in turn reduces the amount of playing you do that much more, and so on. At some point you start noticing other minis and games, and if you start buying and playing those, you buy and play even less GW. At least that's what happened to me. The appeal is still there when it comes to the setting, but when I compare GW miniatures to miniatures from other games whose setting I also enjoy, it's preposterous to think I would pay what often amounts to 2-3x the price per miniature. I still like working on my massive back-log of GW minis, and I enjoy the games when I play them (3 editions behind on both of the big two, though), but I don't see myself ever really investing in them the way I used to unless there's a significant change in the way the company operates.

03-10-2013, 19:43
I am buying virtually nothing from GW anymore. There are one or two models I would kind of like to get to finish off a collection or just because they are good looking models, but essentially I have stopped buying GW altogether.

If they made better rules I would probably have kept buying, just in lesser amounts, but the crappy game play combined with outrageous prices have driven me out altogether.

03-10-2013, 19:56
I buy random bits and pieces for kitbashing. There's absolutely no way I'd get involved with building armies and playing games though; partially because I don't find the idea terribly interesting, and partially because I'm able to open the door to my house without piles and piles of banknotes falling on top of me.

03-10-2013, 20:01
I spend more these days, I have a greater amount of free cash these days, and will happily spend it in GW :)

Inquisitor Engel
03-10-2013, 20:30
I buy a lot more more Forge World than I used to. I have a lot more free cash, being an adult and whatnot, but the prices rises from GW have made FW purchases easier to justify.

03-10-2013, 20:35
I bought a WFB Chimera on EBay. That's pretty much my 1 big purchase this year.

03-10-2013, 20:43
My purchases are second hand from ebay these days. I don't mind putting in a bit of extra work to make something look better over paying the insane prices direct from GW.

03-10-2013, 20:47
I'm now scouring eBay a lot more these days and just generally being more active in the second hand market.

Karak Norn Clansman
03-10-2013, 20:53
I buy a lot more more Forge World than I used to. I have a lot more free cash, being an adult and whatnot, but the prices rises from GW have made FW purchases easier to justify.

The gap is closing fast, yes?

03-10-2013, 21:21
The only thing i buy these days is the white dwarf, and even then its becoming harder to summon the motivation to do so. Still a few weeks left until november issue comes out, presumably i'll get it before then.

03-10-2013, 22:25
I haven't bought any new GW stuff for over a year. This is due to 2 factors:

1) Price increases;

2) Edition changes.

I have disliked both WFB 8th and 40K 6th editions, so there is little incentive to update my collection. And the prices are becoming flat-out insane.

03-10-2013, 23:55
I haven't bought any new GW stuff for over a year. This is due to 2 factors:

1) Price increases;

2) Edition changes.

I have disliked both WFB 8th and 40K 6th editions, so there is little incentive to update my collection. And the prices are becoming flat-out insane.

While I am playing 8th Edition WFB it's pretty much this. Also, a lot of my purchasing is driven by my imagination and the absolute dearth of Warhammer books compared to the plethora of 40k novels on the shelf is distressing.

03-10-2013, 23:58
Stopped buying models about 1 year ago from any GW store.

Its Forge World for me. I think I get more value for my money.

I might buy some paints from them in the future but not anything else. They have changed to much and the changes were not good according to me.

04-10-2013, 00:09
I only buy FW stuff nowadays from GW when I feel the need, but most of my money probably goes to Ironwind Miniatures for their BattleTech models (BT was my first love and I got back into it after a 10 year hiatus because GW got so obscenely expensive).

04-10-2013, 06:47
When I began back in 07, I wouldn't mind ordering right from the GW site. I paid full price in stores. The prices weren't shockingly bad to me. Now, only for Finecast and only so I can return it if need be.

I now buy everything on eBay, usually second hand. So yes, I buy a lot less from GW.

04-10-2013, 06:59
Nope. I buy what I like/need. Always have, always will.

04-10-2013, 08:06
I buy little to no GW products now, I simply can not justify the price, the last major purchase I made was VC and even then that was only a few hundred... No for me my connection with GW is simply one of curiosity and the occasional game.

Forge world will get my business when the NL are done, but after that I think I will be done for good with GW.

04-10-2013, 08:49
I used to have multiple factions for both games, buying kits at random just because they were cool (this was back when plastic figures were under £1 each). Now I've focussed to only buying what I need for my remaining 40K army, and can't bring myself to start a new WHF army.

My spending power has increased dramatically, but I'm finding better value elsewhere.

04-10-2013, 09:07
The release of the Witch Elves should have heralded my return to the game, after waiting ten years for the Sisters to be rereleased. But the trade embargo plus doubling the price killed any chance of that.

04-10-2013, 09:32
Pretty much the same for me. I mostly buy is paint and the odd bit of stuff for my armies when new things come out or they do a bundle deal. I also try and paint everything before buying more (I'm losing that battle!)

I'll also pick up any of the box games or cool stuff like the 2012 games day mini. Except for lotr, I love the books and movies but I just can't afford to dump a load more money into another system.

04-10-2013, 09:38
I snap up the odd metal figure before they go to failcast, and the army books for the armies I collect (I used to buy them all), but apart from that I don't buy much at all. I detest both current versions of 40k and fantasy and would rather spend my cash on computer games, books, or figures from other companies.

04-10-2013, 09:48
Speaking as a retailer:

My sales have increased, not decreased.

For every person quitting over cost, there are others still happily spending.

Also, I often find that those who stop spending never spent that much in the first place...

Emperors Teeth
04-10-2013, 10:40
Ooop. Clicked the wrong answer... I buy much less from GW, though that's partly cause I have a lot already. I do however, buy a lot from Forge World.

04-10-2013, 10:52
I stopped buying GW items at the time of the Great Embargo (TM). Just before it hit I placed a large order from a UK webstore (Maelstrom) to round out my Grey Knights/Inquisition army and since then I have refused to pay local extortion prices for their models. A couple of months ago I let my White Dwarf subscription run out without renewing as my passion for it has waned with the price thing, the general shift towards viewing us as props for their share reports and a general malaise toward hobby stuff. I still bought some non GW things from other producers but generally I've got too much stuff already that is in boxes unassembled (let alone painted!) so have tried to taper it off.

So my interest in GW games is still low and my circle of gaming friends have more or less moved on also, so I wouldn't have anyone to game with anyway. I'm trying to reboot my interest nowadays via some kickstarters and other company models - Reaper, Alien Dungeon, Guild of Harmony, etc and just get back into painting models for the love of the model rather than for some particular army purpose. Haven't made much progress so far, I seem to be all buy, no play.

To come back to the original question - I think if the embargo had not occurred then I would have continued buying GW items even though my interest was waning, which may have held off that lack of interest, but coupled with the enforced high price shenanigans it was too much.

04-10-2013, 10:56
I buy a bit less and have started to buy some more FW.
I used to buy armybooks for WFB, but the price increase means that I now only buys codicies.
Come think of it, I probably spend about the same, just have a little less to show for it.

04-10-2013, 11:59
Speaking as a retailer:

My sales have increased, not decreased.

For every person quitting over cost, there are others still happily spending.

Also, I often find that those who stop spending never spent that much in the first place...

Out of curiosity, are you talking an increase in earnings or in unit-sales? And if you're talking about earnings, are you then selling more or less units?

Light of the Emperor
04-10-2013, 12:57
I've bought much less! In fact, the price rises over the past two years really took me off of the "hobby-high". I disbanded my game room, sold off my collectors models and am trying to get rid of 100+ Black Library books. The all around joy I had collecting and dabbling in "The Hobby", is no longer there. For me, that is a larger impact than not buying as much.

I only buy GW items now to help support my FLGS because he provides ten tables for free usage.

04-10-2013, 13:12
This year I think I have bought maybe half a dozen paints and a couple of brushes.

Overall I have drifted away over the past couple of years for a number of reasons

1. The reduction in the amount of things available in store - I like to buy my miniatures and take them away with me. Having to order online in store holds little appeal.
2. The move from metal to resin - a good idea very poorly executed.
3. The latest versions of the rules, particularly fantasy, just not what I was hoping for.
4. The prices - I can no longer see the value for money especially now that there are other games competing for my money that offered a better perceived value for money. The latest Witch Elf prices provide the best illustration of this.

04-10-2013, 15:26
I'm buying more than ever now, in the past year.
But not really due to price rises.

My will to collect great looking minis just went up a notch at some point, buying straight from GW direct and eBay and a variety of shops in between.
Basically I have no other hobbies (and I don't go out lol) so I have more disposable income to spend. I guess it's just: 'Get all the stuff you've always wanted to get, while you still can.'

I'm mostly crazed about Fantasy, at this point in time.

04-10-2013, 17:54
Far far less, for a couple of reasons.

1 I have had my 2 finished 40k armies ( and I only ever wanted them 1500 points max anyway ) coming up to 2 years now, I have no interest to buy more as I made both of these themed and for fun, and in fact I have a bit of wiggle room also with some extra options/troops if need be.

2 6th ed is far too expensive to even bother with at this point, and given the fact everyone and their mother plays I can simply let others buy the rules at stupid prices, I have other options as do everyone else if "need be" with the net ~.^

3 Outside of a recent purchase of lotr metal blisters to fill out some different troops and army options I needed, I have 95% of my lotro stuff complete, I might...might buy more of this but it will only be in small bits, ie the odd box of rank n file troops in plastic, but this could only be 3-4 boxes max over the next year ( things like the hobbit wargs which look much more like wargs in the books vs the monstrosities pj came up with in the 3 previous movies ). I suppose if 2/3 upcoming films have some nasty looking undead from dol guldor I may buy some of that too, again even hobbit/sbg has become stupid expensive.

4 I did in fact buy 8th ed fb because I'm perfectly happy with 8th and my local gaming group is also happy with it, I will not be switching to 9th neither will they, I do have some core/special/rare to fill out in my empire/vc/chaos armies but at the very most this would be perhaps $200-300 over the next year, and that is only so I can get them all to 2k which they are almost at now.

5 The army books/codex are insane expensive at this point, the jump to hc is much loved yes but the price is just absurd and the ever increasing prices of some of their kits are even more absurd. It was already slightly bad starting VC in 2011....I don't even want to imagine the costs of FB armies in 2016+ anyway GW is at a point with their plastics that they will last the test of time, you can only get to a point where detail is important vs actual armies simply looking quality that you will be happy with for years, hell there is people now getting back into 3rd ed fb, I'm happy with 8th, don't plan on getting into 40k again as I only have them since so many play and I have enough lotr to last me a lifetime.

The only way GW will get any kind of money from me that they have in the last 20 years is 1 paints ( and very few per year ) and every 2 years if they happen to release stuff like blood bowl, epic, mordheim, wq etc otherwise I'm done with them, I was done with them in terms of massive spending the last 2 years and have really only bought things I badly needed to fill out, but nothing in terms of starting new armies or impulse buying.

I do admit if GW ever went back to metal, there is in fact a number of hero character type sculpts I would be willing to pay for, but I only own one failcrap mini and will never own any others, 1 you cant really strip and repaint them like metal years later 2 the quality control is possibly the most pathetic in the world, 3 metal imo is better and has a resale value down the road it's gonna be hard for anyone to sell failcrap years from now unless they have some uber rare well painted/quality cast.

04-10-2013, 17:57
Please participate in the poll and feel free to explain yourself in the thread.

I don't buy anything from GW anymore, apart from the books I need.

Building a matching pair for my 40k army would be really, really expensive. All of this money and energy for a system I'm tired of. My army of Sisters is already dismanteled, most of the minis cleaned in holy acetone, ready to be sold in due time. I bought most of them in the late 90s, when the hobby wasn't that expensive, the price of the minis have more than doubled since...

I plan to keep my two fantasy armies, but I don't know if I want to expand them anymore.

The new dark elves will be released tomorrow. I don't even know what the Sisters of Slaughter or new Medusa are capable of, but what I already knowis that I won't buy them. I just can't justify spending this kind of money on toy soldiers anymore. Actually, I'm not even sure I really want to be there, hear how everything is so über-cool, and spend 90€ to get the mandatory army book and the mandatory new Karybladakyrofskov...stuff.

And do this again in february with the other mandatory army book, and the other mandatory über-cool unit. And again with 9th ed, and get the mandatory rulebook. Only to get books that will be useless and gather dust in a couple of months. The HobbyTM is not my only hobby, it's not even the only wargaming system I use. It's asking too much for what it does. Too much money, too much time, too much energy.

This constant arms race is just, you know... getting old.

I'll probably use the minis for KoW instead. :D

05-10-2013, 03:02
My interests have changed mostly to skirmish games. Instead of buying new things for 40K I have been selling off old armies and bits collections. The only purchases I've made recently have been in fantasy, and most were either eBay, or in support of the FLGS. I'm even thinking about dropping their paints for other companies. My terrain mostly comes from War Torn Worlds and Dwarven Forge unless its stuff I get from random stores like plastic boxes to turn into buildings. With every new release I find my interest in their games decrease, and it has a lot to do with the prices. When I can get a huge fleet for Dystopian Wars, or a set of premium sci-fi terrain for less than one Battleforce box it is time to move on.

I'm not saying that I'll never buy from them again. They make good stuff and I know I'll want to use it for RPGs or Song of Blades and Heroes and Flying Lead. I just can't see myself buying whole armies again. Even if the new Bret stuff rocks, the only other release that really pops out at me, I'll probably just build an army using Wargames Factory, the Perrys, or Fireforge. Heck, depending on how things go with their Kickstarter I just might build all future armies with Bones! :)

05-10-2013, 07:57
I haven't voted in the poll as there isn't an option that fits me.

It's not so much the prices that put me off, I still buy the odd thing from FW. It's more that it feels like GW has lost it's soul. This game used to be about having fun and enjoying yourself. The designers and modellers used to live and breathe wargaming. Was there ever a need for 50 different metal goblins? No, but they were there and someone had a great time making them. The free side games that they used to produce or the articles in WD just for the hell of it, were great.

I think as GW has grown, the passion has gone. Their designers/modellers are now just doing a job and it shows. Are the models more detailed nowadays? Yes they are, but they're not as fun or quirky as they used to be. How much better would they be if the modellers had the new technology and a real love of what they were doing?

GW is a business and business is generally about making money, but it's lost something as it's grown. I still buy from FW as although it's expensive, it's the closet to the old GW that I can find and even that is changing :(

05-10-2013, 08:13
I buy much less now, most of that comes from ebay or a discount store. Latest DE price increase caused me to completely cancel a planned army buy and spend the money elsewhere.

05-10-2013, 08:33
I've bought nothing GW for a good 2+ years now. I used to think that even though prices were well beyond be ever starting another army - I'd still update my existing armies (since it'd only be a handful of releases a year - and the Ogre Kingdoms update tricked me into thinking that would be a fairly affordable proposition) - However pretty much every new release this year has had such ridiculous price increases I don't see myself even doing that now. Plastic Ironbreakers? I would love some - but not at Witch Elves prices.

05-10-2013, 08:41
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