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06-10-2013, 23:17
Mostly a fun list. Wanted to get a few bigger critters in it (like a carnosaur instead of the cold ones), but still want a playable list.
Plan is to have one group advance and roll one flank while pressing the enemy into the body of the infantry (like the bull's horns, but only one horn)
The Claw section-
Old Blood, General, Cold One, Steg Helm, Opal Amulet, Halbred
6 Cold ones, with spears, banner and champ
3 salamanders
4 ripperdactyls
Stegadon (sharpened horns,

Warmachine hunters-
4 terradons
5 chameleon skinks

Body section-
Scar vet, bsb, Gold Sigil sword, AoF, shield
24 Sauri, full cmd, spears
25 Sauri, full cmd, spears
Skink priest, lvl 2, beasts, dispel scroll
10 skink skrimishers
Skink priest, lvl 2, heavens, cube of darkness
10 skink skrimishers
4 X 10 skink skrimishers
Ancient Steg- Engine of the Gods, sharpened horns


Mostly likely playing an Ogre army first.

07-10-2013, 04:50
At 3000 points and only two lvl 2s your magic phase might be a little lack luster. Why not take a slann and a level two with a dispel scroll?

Also, buff up your Saurus units a little more if you can spare the points. Maybe dropping a unit of skinks or something.

07-10-2013, 14:51
Lack of Slaan is intentional- from a fluff perspective as well as a challenge one. I imagine the army as being from a ruined city where they are no Slaan so the priests as the de facto leaders looked to the land and the sky to decipher the Old Ones plan for themselves.

How big would you suggest the sauri units to be- 30? 35?