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07-10-2013, 18:05
An 800 points campaign starts at my LGS this week and I'm struggling with a list for Warriors of Chaos. I'm limited by what models I own and the fact that it's 800 points means I can take nothing but Spawn from Rare and have no access to any Lords at all. This means only one Hero so I have to decide between magic or combat.

Fortunately we don't have to stick with the same list for every game so I can field different armies based upon my opponents which is the only way I can see remaining competitive when most of the other armies will have a Lord and at least one Hero and in most cases massively outnumbering me.

800 Pts - Warriors of Chaos Roster

Total Roster Cost: 798

Exalted Hero (1#, 195 pts)
. . 1 Exalted Hero of Nurgle
. . . . 1 Daemonic Mount
. . . . 1 Warrior Bane
. . . . 1 Enchanted Shield
. . . . 1 Seed of Rebirth
. . . . 1 Potion of Strength

Chaos Ogres (3#, 120 pts)
. . Mark of Khorne + Extra Hand Weapon

Gorebeast Chariot (1#, 140 pts)
. . Mark of Khorne 10

Marauder Horsemen (5#, 95 pts)
. . Mark of Slaanesh + Flail + Javelin + Shield

Chaos Warriors (12#, 248 pts)
. . Mark of Slaanesh + Halberd + Shield + Standard Bearer + Aspiring Champion

That's my first attempt at a rounded list.

I also have available to field:
1 Sorceror on Foot
1 Hero on Foot
30 Warhounds
1 Spawn
~2 more Warriors with Halberd/shield

There are bonus points for fully painted armies so the above is what's painted. I also have unassembled:
~40 Chaos Warriors
10 Chaos Knights
5 Marauder Horsemen
1 Chariot kit

I've read through the Chaos Tactica here but most of it is dealing with units that are too expensive to field in such a small game so any help would be much appreciated.

11-10-2013, 20:26
In the end I used the following list:

Throgg - 195

15 Warhounds w/Poison - 105
15 Warhounds w/Poison - 105

10 Chosen w/MoK, Halberds, Shields, Banner, Champ - 270

3 Chaos Ogre w/MoK, Extra Hand Weapon - 120

Played two games and won both. Big units of Warhounds performed great protecting my Chosens flanks, getting in the way, absorbing shooting and flank charging.

Chosen rolled +1 attack in the first game and +1 toughness in the second. Overall they murdered everything they got in combat with.

Throgg kept my doggies from running away and killed two Ogre Bulls with vomit. I only really used him because I had just painted him a few days previously though.

Lance Tankmen
11-10-2013, 21:09
seems solid, honestly small games interest me a lot because i find it amusing how you actually use the 5 pooint weapons and mundane equipment. GW/halberd on characters rather than ogre blade just seems so fun. 500 points is even crazier, where level 1-2 is actually a threat and fireball is fearsome.

edit* congratz on the wins too. you played ogres and what else?

11-10-2013, 22:31
Ogres and Lizardmen.

The Ogres had a horde of 40 Gnoblars, 2 unit of 6 Bulls, a Firebelly and some Leadbelchers. That game I rolled +1 A for the Chosen so was rolling nearly 30 St5 attacks against those bulls which made short work of them. The Gnoblars lost 29 models in a single round of combat to a combined charge from Chosen and my Chaos Ogres. The Wolves held up the Leadbelchers and a unit of Bulls for 3 turns (Via march blocking and movement not comabt) so I was able to take his army apart a unit per turn.

Lizardmen had a unit of Skinks, an Old Blood, 20 saurus Warriors with Spears some Cold one Cavalry and a Troglodon. The Cold Ones charged my Chosen who cut them all down before they got to strike. The Troglodon had charged my Ogres that turn, caused two wounds so they fled. It overran into my wolves behind it exposing it's flank to my Chosen who charged it the following turn and killed it. My second wolf unit broke the Skink Skirmishers and the Saurus warriors charged the Chosen. They lasted one round of combat then got flank charged by the Wolves and ran away. They then proceeded to flee to the edge of the board only to rally on turn 5 too far away to achieve anything.

Lance Tankmen
11-10-2013, 22:44
see i wish i had your gaming group, sounds fun as hell. did throgg do anything?

11-10-2013, 22:52
He kept my Warhound units in the fight longer than they would have been normally due to his 18" leadership bubble for beasts. He also smacked the last wound off the Troglodon (gaining +1BS in the process!). Generally I kept him in or near the Chosen unit in case somebody had a killy Lord he could vomit all over in a challenge. Sadly I never got the chance to try that.

Next week I know there will be a Dwarf player with a few cannons and a Dark Elf player with 2 Hydras and a Kharibdys so I may have to rethink the list.

Lance Tankmen
12-10-2013, 01:45
good luck lol