View Full Version : Converter's Imperium now with Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children

07-10-2013, 21:00
Decided to combine my logs into one log here, makes more sense rather than two seperate logs demanding my attention:

So, I've got some Pre-Heresy to be getting on with:

The command squad is going to be from the Emperor's Children Legion, as will the rest of my force (so far consisting of a Deimos Rhino, two tactical squads, drop pod and a captain). I'm adding a squad of 3 jetbikes, a predator executioner and Fulgrim himself. The Word Bearers and World Eaters contemptor are just a welcome distraction.

I'll probably get some more Emperor's Children, but what? Should I get a Breacher Squad, Tartaros Terminators or a contemptor?

I've also got some Grey Knights coming along on the sidelines:

Please leave comments and criticism!

08-10-2013, 01:13
One question, what on earth did you make that dreadnought arm out of? It looks brutal! :) Good luck with your EC's, I look forward to seeing how you tackle the purple. :)