View Full Version : Advantages of Bloodwrack Shrine

Sir Didymus
08-10-2013, 06:10
I heard something about the Bloodwrack Shrine should buff the medusae. But sitting with the iBook, I fail to see any advantage beyond a few stat buffs. Is there something I've missed? Doesn't the mirror do something, or is it just the advantages of being a large chariot?

08-10-2013, 06:21
It allows you to use the Shrine-keeper's leadership instead of the medusa's which is absolutely abysmal. Thats one reason for it. It also has a buff to leadership that I think the shrine itself benefits from if I read it correctly, but not sure.

Sir Didymus
08-10-2013, 07:52
Thanks, forgot about that one.

Just seems a very subtle advantage and without much synergy with the medusa itself. I'd just expect more from Cheesemaster Mat Ward ;)

08-10-2013, 13:06
If I'm not mistaken (don't have the book with me now) the medusa is not a character mounted on the shrine, thus it cant be targeted individually, thus I think she has more wounds, armour save and tougness when fielded as a shrine. And someone mentioned she has a spear when mounted on the shrine but I haven't checked that my self.