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06-06-2006, 00:19
I hope you don’t think “oh, no there’s another one of those ‘my IG army’ project logs”! :rolleyes:

Anyway, I haven’t played 40k for years, not even small skirmishes. Being more a painter than a gamer, I have also spent a large amount of time on my other hobbies(1:6 and 1:35 WW2 modelling).

But now I have decided to start an all-new fresh Imperial Guard army. I have in mind a force of light infantry with many sentinels, but few tanks(maybe just 2 chimeras, 1 or 2 russes and maybe a basilisk). I’m also planning to include a Salamander scout vehicle to fit my light infantry theme. Anyway, I’m not so “at home” with the current rules, so suggestions on how creating this army(points-wise and rules-wise) would be very much appreciated.

The models then? I can’t really decide whether to choose the Steel Legion or the Cadian models, maybe both? I know for sure that I will use the forthcoming Death Korps from FW, atleast for one squad, maybe as veterans. What do you suggest, should I go with SL models only, cadians only, or a mix of both? I really like the SL models, but I also like how dynamic and useful the cadian plastics is.

Anyway, bought my first models for this project yesterday(well, already have the basilisk painted but nevermind). I bought 2 regular sentinels and 1 cadian variant. I’m in the progress of adding some small conversion work to them as we speek, and will hopefully add some pics in the near future.

I would very much like you to post C&Cs on my work when I embark on this journey towards my finished army! :D

06-06-2006, 01:08
I would recommend using cadians instead of the SL. The Death Korp's look absolutly goregous so I would defintly use them for vetrans. I would also recommend the Cadian upgrade packs with resperaitors because they just look so damn cool!


06-06-2006, 01:09
My suggestion? go with the steel legion, with the death korps as veterans.

But, I'm biased.. (exactly what I'm doing :p)

If you want to include cadians if you go that route, you could convert them, and use them as storm troopers, or the liike. But, the two don't mix very well.

06-06-2006, 01:12
Thanks for your suggestions!

I was thinking that, if I use SL, they can be the newer recruits while the DK can represent the old vets, with the older issue uniforms and so on...

I will try to write a brief background story tomorrow. :)

06-06-2006, 13:49
Sounds really good. I would go with the SL because they are cooler to paint but the cadians give you alot more Grunts for your buck *or what ever curency you use*

06-06-2006, 21:14
Although I would go with cadians, If you like steel legion so much (I personally dont) just use the cadians as a base and as ham said use the cadian respirators as a substitute. You could also model coats with gs (its really easy)

06-06-2006, 21:20
Go with the Steel Legion, they are gorgeous models. I personally field a Steel Legion only army and like you I'm thinking about using the DK for vets once they are out. But that's just me, I prefer to have a grim look for my army rather than the GIjoe look.

06-06-2006, 21:57
Right now, I'm leaning towards SL, but I will not be able to get any figures before July, so time will tell. ;)

Anyway, I have a Basilisk ready, and I'm currently working on my Russ and Sentinels, but I will not be able to post any pics before the end of the week, as my camera is being repaired. :(

But as fast as I get it back, I will post pics! :D

06-06-2006, 23:06
I really like the Steel Legion models (and i own 50 of them so money isn't a problem for me in this case) but the boring thing with them is the limited poses.. could really make your army building more boring.

Just something to consider!


07-06-2006, 18:02
No piccies yet... :(

But I've written a small backround story about the regiment, and you can read it here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=732900

Feel free to post any C&C!

08-06-2006, 16:37
I'm getting my camera back this weekend, so hopefullt I will post some pics then.

When I was browsing through the net today, I found this great site: http://bwbits.com/

They are a company that only deals in bits, so you can personalize your forces as much as you want(and it's cheeper that buying boxes). And I must say, now I consider to build a force based on the cadian models, I like that you can mix the different sprues and all the posing options! I mean the SL only have like 15 different figs, while with the cadians, I can build as many individually looking troopers as I want. I also plan to add e melta gun & plasma gun from the SM sprue, along with some purity seals and parts from the tank acc. and HW set.

But as I said before, time will tell. ;)

11-06-2006, 15:55
Well, yesterday I found some old parts to make a regular footslogger. I think I will use this color scheme, which is a mix of catachan green and codex grey for the clothes, and the same colors+black for the armor.

Comments? :)




Cadian 21st
11-06-2006, 16:30
- That's certainly an original take on Guardsmen. Purity Seals, litanies, and all. Is that a "red dot" on the end of the Lasgun's sight? That too is unique! I like how you've done the squad number - not too big but not too small.

- The colours are nice, but your colour scheme is quite "cold". The only bits that break up the greyness are the purity seals, the silver, and the demo charge. Adding brown into the mix would help significantly, IMO. You're colourings are the same as a cityfight army, but you've got a grasslands base, which is probably why I have a problem with the colours.

- Either way, the painting's clean (though the black was a lil thick on the right shoulder), the model's form is nice, and that face! Great work on the skin there and on the left hand! The right hand took too much of the lighter colours, but the model makes for a nice TTS. Keep up the great work - I'll keep watching for sure!

(edit: I meant cool as in cold.)

11-06-2006, 18:02
Thank you very much! Thanks for the tip that I could mix some brown colour in, I think it would look nice as well.

I want that gothic imperial feel, that explains the purity seals,litanies and so on.

I'll update when my Sentinels are done!

Still learning
12-06-2006, 02:49
looking good there.

14-06-2006, 13:13
I'm working on a Sentinel squad for the moment, and 2 out of 3 is almost finished. Just need to add the pilots and some bedrolls and stuff. Maybe some camonetting over the cockpits...

Comments are welcome!




14-06-2006, 16:46
They look awesome.
Great colour shceme, really dark and gritty.

14-06-2006, 16:48
They look awesome.
Great colour shceme, really dark and gritty.
This is going to look awesome when you finish you army

14-06-2006, 20:57
Here's some WIP shots of my medic and standard bearer. Got these two undercoated and ready from a friend of mine. I still have a lot to paint, like highlights, the flesh and the banner and so on...



14-06-2006, 22:09
colour scheme is great, i can actually see this army in a warzone with camouflage like that.

16-06-2006, 23:20
The medic is finished!


19-06-2006, 22:03
Here are some shots of the finished Standard Bearer and some WIP shots of my third Sentinel and some WIP crew.

C&C is very welcome!

The Standard Bearer:




Not sure if I'm going to use this model in my army though, I'm thinking of converting my own standard in the future.

19-06-2006, 22:04
And some WIP shots: