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08-10-2013, 20:06
Hey all.

Got our second batrep up for our channel. After this to be honest i think im gonna just make a thread to keep all of them documented in.

Please again, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Here it is;




09-10-2013, 13:45
Thanks for the battle report.
I had hoped the TK fared better, but after seeing his army, I didn't have high expectations.
congrats on the victory.

I hope you keep posting battlereports.
Already subscribed and waiting for them :)

09-10-2013, 23:30
Thanks for that. And thanks for the sub!

Unfortunately for William, he is one of our more casual fantasy gamers, where as i was taking my poison night gobbos, savage big uns and black orcs purely to smash face! And i think he got a bit unsure of what to do when he realised how bad poison shots are and i had the bad moon blocking him between his own unit, a killy marsh as well.

I had a game against Matt who plays WoC tonight, but that was a bit of tourney prep/list testing so didnt record that. But i do have a batrep from over a week ago now vs empire to post up. And then from there it will be the next club meet and whatever i get in between!


16-10-2013, 18:20
Thanks for posting this batrep!

Ye gods, that TK Chariot block w/Settra charging into your Spiders and leaving themselves exposed to a charge by the horde of Savage Orcs was incredibly painful to watch. As if you wouldn't have the Savage Orcs plow into them on your turn! Your opponent seems to have greatly overestimated the combat ability of Settra and the average TK chariot. Even if Settra's unit did get the charge on your SO block and make a mess of them with impact hits in the first round that's still a less than ideal match-up, too many S4 attacks coming back the other way. Maybe if TK buffs like Righteous Smiting and Vengeance were combined with a debuff like Dessication on the SOs... but even then it might not be enough.

TK are a horrible army for beginners & casuals, especially in a competitive environment. Cruddace's red-headed TK stepchildren are ridiculously unforgiving of mistakes, even small ones.

17-10-2013, 20:00
Yeah i like playing Will as its lways a great fun game, but not so competative. He always chooses the TK lore, which i dont kno a great deal about, but im sure hed be better off with death or shadow against me, anything makign me test on initiative just guns down my hordes!

I hve just started attending tourneys, and will be quite regular, so its great to get a chance to practice redirects and using chaff well!