View Full Version : How to squeeze more temple guard in?!

09-10-2013, 01:35
I want to get more temple guard in this 2400 pt list. But what do I drop?!

Please bear in mind that the tourney ruling is that deliverance and the engine spell have been ruled as
1. only cast in front arc
2. cannot be cast into combat

This has made me drop feathers from the priest and drop the engine as it really wont do much other than provide a 6+ ward save and give my beast priest a +1 to cast on his one spell.

I want Kroak for the miscast protection and the -1 to hit for the unit but am considering a standard slann for the utility plus I wouldn't need to buy a scar vet and save the points. But for the points Kroak is pretty good.

How can I pump up the temple guard? I want at least 1 unit of chammie skinks for warmachine duty but would prefer 2 units.

maybe I should just bite the bullet and drop the baby steggie and for the points get another chammie unit plus 5 more temple guard. Or just get 9 more temple guard + 1 more reg skink guy.

Any suggestions for fitting more TGs in?

Lord Kroak

priest, scroll

scar vet, bsb, shield, skaven banner

47 saurus, spears, muso, std
10 skink skirms

21 temple guard, muso std, +1 ld banner

steggie, horns

5 chammies

2 ancient steggies, horns