View Full Version : 2k high elf infantry list, needs work for next weeks game

09-10-2013, 15:28
Hello Everyone,

Quick Idea for a list to take on my friends dark elves and whoever else shows up next week at GW. Will be buying models this weekend so any changes can be accommodated.

Archmage, L4, Book of hoeth (High Magic)

Anointed of Asuryan

MAge (takes drain magic)

30 spearmen, full command (Have anointed and Archmage in with them for ward save and some offence)

20 archers

30 Phoenix guard, full command (with mage)

12 White Lions, Full command

1 Frostheart phoenix

the plan is the archers deploy with the phoenix guard and spearmen protecting their flanks as a central block, with the phoenix guard being where the enemy is strongest. the Phoenix and white lions act as flankers. I am sure the army could be better tailored and has holes so all suggestions are welcome. Hopefully each unit is some threat and it has 2 good size anvil units and 2 hard hitting units. Is this enough? I could swap the white lions for lion chariots, dragon princes etc if i taken a flamespire phoenix, is that worth it? many questions and need help with answers!

09-10-2013, 15:52
From my experience you want to take as few characters as possible with the Asur, I'd cut the Anointed completely & turn the Mage into a BSB with the Ring of Fury as your backup if the lvl.4 breaks concentration.

09-10-2013, 16:43
I would be concerned that you have no ways to attack warmachines nor to dictate an enemy's movement or charges. I would look to some eagles or reavers to fill these roles.

09-10-2013, 21:16
Personally I'd swap the annoited for a bsb with a cheap build, I'd also probably drop the phoenix guard to a smaller size to pick up a couple of eagles/reavers. Either that or swap the spearmen out for a couple units of reavers or some silver helms, maybe another small unit of archers if needed to hit the minimum %.