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09-10-2013, 16:00
Hello Again!

Just wanted feedback on a VC list I am going to field next week. Any improvements would eb welcomed as it deels a bit "all eggs in one basket" at the mo

Vampire Lord, heavy armour, shield, ogre blade, dragon helm, talisman of preservation, red fury, quickblood (in grave guard)

vampire, BSB, banner of barrows, heavy armour, shield, aura of dark majesty, fear incarnate (in grave guard)

manfredd the acolyte (in zombies)

40 ghouls

15 zombies, standard,

5 dire wolves

30 grave guard, great weapons, full command, screaming banner

5 blood knights, banner of eternal flame

Its only got 2 standards and not a huge amount of chaff, but hopefully the grave guard would be quite hard to stop and the blood knights are obscene agains most things as a flanking unit.

any improvements that i can make would be welcomed

09-10-2013, 17:03
i do think your deathstar is way to slow and to less models..
In a list like this those 5 bloodknight are a bit left alone. those points can be better spend on a bigger unit of skeletenhorsemen (forgot the name) and put 1 vamp in there. so you got like 2 heavy hitters.

Banner of barrows can be put on the graveguard they really dont need al those buffs tho.. 30+ (40pref) graveguard with that banner chop things up themselves.

You can use a unit of zombies/skellies(with shield hw) to bog some problem units up. as you cant deal with everything with just 1 or 2 blocks (inc vamp lord)

how about magic lv's?

09-10-2013, 17:41
I think for 2k you have far to many points in your characters, a vampire lord and two vampires is just going to take up to many of your points, I would suggest you only have a vampire and a vampire lord. I also wouldn't put my vampire lord in with the graveguard, I would put the other vampire here and use the lord with your skeletons, his combat power will more than makeup for what the skeletons lack. Do you plan on hording the grave guard? Honestly unless you have a unit of atleast 40 I wouldn't bother, your going to lose most of the rear rank before they even get to strike.

I personally wouldn't bother with the blood knights either, great unit, just in the wrong style of list, i'd be more tempted by a pair of varghulfs, even some wraiths could be nice instead of the blood knights (many will disagree, meh).

You also need more chaff units, some more hounds and spirit hosts would be excellent for this.

While I love the rules of baby manfred is very hit or miss, being a level2 loremaster is awesome but with only a 5+ save he does tend to die very easily, he could probably work better mounted in a unit of black knights? I do use him, I just accept that if I use him I need to try and not be tricked into throwing him into combat so I can get a extra powerdice or two (never happens lol).

11-10-2013, 07:08
What tournament are you going to?

As to the list being too slow I disagree, with that many vampire casters you will have van hels twice that's not a slow army!!
I do agree that you too many points spent on vampires though, I'd use Wight king as a bsb and necros for back up magic!!

14-10-2013, 20:04
Thanks for the advice guys

The tourney is a mini tourney at my local GW, usually 2k games.

based on the above I was thinking of dropping the BSB and the blood knights as i usually like to take crypt horrors and that should free up some points, but i also love my vargulfs, vargheists and terrorgheist.

For flanking and chaff, If i dropped the blood knights and the bsb vamp that frees up about 450 points, 2 vargulfs and a spirit host or 2. would a l2 necromancer be better than manfredd, as the points value is a lot lower but with my L1 lord and a L2, the only gauranteed spell is invocation and vanhels is useful, as are all the buffs from lore of vamps.

17-10-2013, 14:04
Amended to the following, Based on the above recommendations

Vampire Lord, heavy armour, shield, ogre blade, dragon helm, talisman of preservation, red fury, quickblood (in grave guard)

manfredd the acolyte (in zombies)

40 ghouls

15 zombies, standard,

5 dire wolves

30 grave guard, great weapons, full command, Banner of Barrows

6 Crypt horrors

1 Spirit Host

1 Vargulf

Is this a stronger list, I figure i have a big anvil in the ghouls, who are deployed as a hoard. The Grave guard form a hammer deployed 5 ranks of 6, and using the vamp lord to add to the combat damage. Manfredd and the zombie buffer are behind the main line to invoke nehek and get vanhels off. The Crypt horrors and vargulf deploy to flank and finally the dire wolves and spirit host get chaff/sacrificial duties. I dare say the list could be refined more, sadly i didn't get to test it today as my opponent didn't show :-/

Thanks in advance, everyone.

17-10-2013, 15:23
- Your zombie unit is below the minimum unit size
- Ghouls bleed too much CR to be an effective anvil. They are good versus monsters and other high-T, low-armour targets.
- 8 is really the ideal unit size for Crypt Horrors. At that unit size, they are a proper anvil

17-10-2013, 16:40
I can drop a ghoul and bring the zombies up to min size, and could drop manfredd in favour of a l2 caster + book of arkhan, that allows the horrors up to 8 and comes in at 1998, would that be a lot stronger?

18-10-2013, 21:24
I like the sounds of that better. With your casters only being level 1-2, you're onyl going to have dice for 2-3 spells a term. 3 spells + 1 bound are all you need. I think you'll find the extra horrors go a long way

13-11-2013, 17:58
Final list was
. vamp lord, quickblood, red fury, heavy armour, sword of might, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation
. necromancer, level 2, book of arkhan
. 20 zombies, standard (bunkered nec)
. 39 crypt ghouls, ghast
. 5 dire wolves
. 1 spirit host
. 30 grave guard, great weapons, senechal, standard, battle of the barrows
. 1 vargulf

my opponent was lizardmen

1 slann, soul o stone, becalming cogitation, harmonic convergence, channelling staff - lore of high magic
1 skink preist - lore of heavens
1 skink preist - lore of beasts
1 skink cheiftain, biting blade
30 saurus warriors, full command
12 skink skirmishers, blowpipes
12 skink skirmishers, blowpipes
12 skink skirmishers, blowpipes
12 skink skirmishers, blowpipes
8 Chamelion Skinks,
24 Temple Guard, Full command
1 Stegadon,

I lost but the crypt horrors managed to kill the stegadon and were winning against the lizardmen saurus warriors. My opponent concentrated fire well, killing the dire wolves one turn then the vargulf the next. On turn 3 he taken about half of the grave guard out, who then charged the temple guard. I killed about 9 of them and they managed to score 17 kills. The unstable rule meant the vampire lord crumbled and then the army fell apart. Oh well.

I think the list was ok, i just need to work on my tactics and deployment...