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10-10-2013, 08:24
Hello all,

I'm just trying to work up a reasonable 1k dark elf force to try out the new rules. I want something that is active in every phase, with decent threat & damage potential. This is what I've got sorted so far:

Master on dark Pegasus - heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, lance, cloak of twilight, brace of handbows (198)

20 dark shards with shields - standard, musician, banner of eternal flame (290)

10 witch elves (110)

5 shades with great weapons (90)

5 cold one knights - full command and gleaming pennant (185)

5 doom fire warlocks (125)

Total 998

The master is pretty brutal - not pendant broken, but a threat to most characters, monsters and small units. The warlocks allow me to use him, by giving guaranteed decent magic, which is reasonably durable, and will eat most enemy chaff in combat. Shades will be an excellent harassment unit, and with GW are a threat to most war machine crews in combat too. I love COK, and the extra attacks could help a lot in more prolonged combats, and against infantry blocks at need.

The real difficulty was core. I like to have a block, and felt I needed more shooting - do people prefer dark shards or handbow corsairs? I felt the range and the armour piercing would synergies better with the warlocks casting soul blight, and be a big threat to line infantry blocks. After that I went for a min unit of witch elves, just for their sheer damage output, but I could be convinced on a whole range of different units (chariot, dark riders, medusa, execs, reapers).

So, tell me all of the problems!


10-10-2013, 11:12
It does seem well rounded.
Only real Issue looks to be Etheral if you're unlucky to run into that.
Sure the Warlocks could Doom em, but you'll only have 2 spells to cast and he'd probably spend all his dices stopping the Doom.
Is It really worth it to take FC on the COK?

I like the Master and I'm expecting him to become a very common build through the rest of this edition. (Not sure about the Handbows myself but with a high BS sure could work)

10-10-2013, 15:02
Yeah, the bows were an after thought for my last few points. I figure there may be instances when 4 12" quick to fire S3 shots are useful (maybe the first turn pre-charge), especially against larger units that the warlocks have cursed, or to help to remove chaff early in the game. They seemed better value than a single cc attack from a Hag.

On the COK command... well I always used to run it, and the unit is only 5 points more expensive than in the old book with this configuration. They give me a re-roll on the first failed stupidity test, and extra S6 attack on the charge, and increase my chance of winning a tight combat, or rallying. I think that's worth it, especially without a big combat block. Where else would you put the points?

10-10-2013, 15:42
Not sure really, Handbows, Dread Knight and the remaining points only give you 22 points to work with so might be as best as it'll get.

Hadn't really considered the following till I read about it yesterday: Make your champions stand in the flanks of the units to limit damage from flank charges at your unit losing 1 Champ is usually better than losing 3-5 rank and file.

Perhaps by a 5p Magic weapon for the Dreadknight?(You can charge with the lance and then switch to a magical sword in second round right or was this in older ed?) perhaps "Warrior Bane" replacing 1 of the handbows on the master?