View Full Version : Missile Troops (VC)

06-06-2006, 02:24
I'm looking for some advice on unit choice here.

I'm working on a VC Blood Dragon Army. Though my general disdains the use of missile weapons himself, he is perfectly fine with hiring someone else to shoot the enemy until he can get into melee.

I'm going to have some crossbowmen in my army. I'm trying to decide between the regular DOW crossbowmen and Dwarven crossbowmen. The dwarves have better leadership, better toughness, better ws and I'll probably equip them with heavy armor, so they'll be able to double as a rather nasty heavy infantry unit. On the other hand, the regular Xbowmen are cheap. From the fluff side of the house, I'm not sure which suits better, either. The dwarves are rock hard in a fight, which suits BDs, but I can have more regular xbowmen, which falls nicely into the horde concept of always outnumbering. I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice?

There will be at least one cannon in my army. I'm torn between the galloper guns, which are nice and mobile and the regular cannon, which is cheaper. Which would be more effective in my army and why?

Thanks for the help in advance!