View Full Version : 2500 Beastmen GT List w/Swedish comp

10-10-2013, 09:07
Here is my list, looking for some feedback prior to submitting. Comps in at 11.1

Beastlord- Blackned Plate, Shield, Talisman of Endurance, Brass Clever, TOTS
Great Bray Shaman- Fencers Blades, Talisman of Pres, Channeling Staff, Iron Curse Icon, Lv4 Lore of Beasts

Bray Shaman- Power Scroll, Lv2 Lore of Beasts
Bray Shaman- Dispel Scroll, Lore of Shadows
Bray Shaman- Shard of the Herdstone, Lore of Shadows
Wargor- BSB, Light Armor, Shield, Gnarled Hide, The Beast Banner

Gor Herd- FC, AHW, 48x Gor
Tuskgor Chariot
Tuskgor Chariot
Ungor Raiders- 5x Ungor
Ungor Raiders- 5x Ungor

Bestigor Herd- FC, Totem of Rust, 34 x Bestigor
SoM Harpies- 5x Harpies, KB
SoM Harpies- 5x Harpies, KB


Sin Eater
10-10-2013, 09:26
Looks quite spicy to me, potential chance of being out manoeuvred, also a big block of hard hitting cav like12 Silver Helms or some Bret Knights might really ruin you day? But that's just guess work...

I do like Beastmen but I'm told they're close to useless...

14-10-2013, 00:12
If your going frontline with your GBS I like jagged dagger. I don't think iron curse will really provide any protection. But then again your going 3 at heardstone.

I like your beastlord setup. Its making me rethink mine.

Whats som harpies? storm of magic harpies? are they different?

totem of rust is a toss up. Its nice but is it really needed? I've used it with great success but i fight warriors of chaos a lot so... I guess it depends what your meta is like.

I really like it. 8 dead drops are nice.

18-10-2013, 02:46
Problem with jagged dagger is that the comp limits the number of dice you can get to 2. So my lv 1's are there for that and scroll caddy. Lv2 is gonna try to get Transformation of Kadon.

The comp also allows Storm of Magic units up to 250 ( Grail Quest GT in Raleigh NC). And i figured harpies with Killing Blow were better than regular harpies.

Sweedish comp limits how many Bestigors i can take without taking to much of a hit.

In testing I have found that Totem of rust is amazing, as far as keeping my Bestigors alive I have started to cast Wyssans in the early rounds before the reach combat.