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11-10-2013, 04:19
In the effort to promote silly or novel non netlisting I am considering the following list that is so full of amazing ness even I am scared for my sanity...and this from the guy that brought you the following oddball lists to tournaments...

1. No Upgrades Of Any Kind Vampire Counts in 7th ed.
- Came first at Skullz one year I believe for using a vampire list with no upgrades what so ever and led by a single Level 2 Lord. Yep...no standards, no barding, no champs...naked skellies. so many points not wasted in luxury items! massive blocks.

2. Lets See What 24 Black Knights Looks Like...
- in 6th ed I took a block of 24 black knights to a GPdA tourney and did well with it. I called it the evaporator unit.

3. More Guns Ogre Kingdoms
- in 7th ed at Skullz and using the older book I filled the army list up with as much shooting as I could. It did remarkably well.

4. My Ghoulssss Are Special Enough!
- All ghouls...no specials or rare. it was a bit silly and didn't do that well.

So now I bring you....

5. Evil Smurfs!

Slaughter master, LVL 3, ironfist, sword o striking, Obsid amulet, Armour of destiny, LoTGM

Hunter, Ironfist, Talisman of protection, armour o fortune

70 Gnoblars, muso std, Trappers
70 Gnoblars, muso std, Trappers
57 Gnoblars, muso std, Trappers
57 Gnoblars, muso std, Trappers
10 Gnoblars, muso, Trappers

3x1 gorgers
10 sabre tusks
2x1 sabre tusks

2x1 iron blasters
scrap launcher

All...painted and modelled as smurfs. Bring it on! It may be a while before you see this on the table as its 264 gnoblars...

11-10-2013, 18:59
Phew, for a second there I thought it was going to be an ogre army without two ironblasters! ;)