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Kurgan Ironbeard
13-10-2013, 17:54
Had my first game today with dark elves, it was with my 1k points list (below) and it did no go well, I couldn't roll to save my life. It was against Empire and his cannon took out my hydra right away, my shooting was terrible, my friend told me to try take wounds off the steam tank so it may blow up but it never wounded once, from now on I'll just focus on troops. His steam tank destroyed my doomfire warlocks who I thought could hold against it but it roll trebble 6 for his impact hits and I failed only 5 wards saves but that was enough :/ I thought with their poisoned attacks and such they may tie it up for the entire game but only if I survived first impact.

My shades kept getting grape shotted by his cannon it forced a panic check but eventually he misfired and I was able to charge with 6 shades out of 10 left and killed both it and the engineer.

My magic was the real life saver of the game for me, it started off poorly as I generated little but then it went really well and I combined Word of Pain and Bladewind to do a lot of damage which would of done a lot more if he wasn't using a lore of light spell that improved his ws to 10. I nearly wiped hos massive horde of halbardiers though when he failed to cast and then dispel my spells, I also rolled several doubles and at one time a treble which added some extra damage, from a horde of 40 he was left with 8 by the end and had lost his warrior priest and wizard.

Overall it was fun although it was painful during the first two turns. I've decided to swap out the hydra and doomfire warlocks for my next game and replace them with 5 cold one riders and a master with a great weapon and a 1+ save.

List I used -

Sorceress - Level 2 - Sacrifical Dagger - 140

30 Spearmen - Full Command / Gleaming Pennant- 305

Reaper Bolt Thrower - 70

10 Shades - Great swords - 180

Hydra - Fiery Breath - 180

5 Doomfire Warlocks - 125

Total 1000

13-10-2013, 18:32
Wrong forum, this should be in the Battle Reports section. You mention he rolled triple 6 for impact hits with the Steam Tank - I just want to check, he didn't roll for 18 impact hits did he? Steam tank gets d6, +d3 for each steam point expended.
Also I am curious as to how your Shades 'kept getting grape shotted' by the cannon. Cannons only have a range of 12" for grape shot, so after one shot you should be well within charging distance.

I would never expect Warlocks to be able to do much to tie up a steam tank - it has a breath weapon and can also churn out multiples of d3 S6 grind attacks in its own turn, even after it has charged. So it's going to whittle them down very quickly, whilst largely ignoring their attacks with its 1+ armour save. However, I wouldn't use this as a reason to ditch the Warlocks. They offer so much more than a Master ever could; I think you should give them another chance.

As for your friend telling to to focus on the Steam Tank, in my experience you either have the tools to deal with it and can cripple or kill it easily (lore of metal / Mindrazor / frenzied executioners etc) or you have to try for damage limitation. Chipping off a few wounds and hoping it blows up never seems to pay off - in fact every time I've seen it suffer a boiler mishap, the results have either been negligible or actually beneficial for the Tank (I believe it can gain more steam points?!)

Kurgan Ironbeard
13-10-2013, 18:48
Ah k sorry.

He rolled tripple 6 for the D3 attacks so he got 9 plus what ever he rolled normally, I only failed 5 of the saves and had at least 10 to roll. With the shades I scouted 12" away from him at the start so he just shot me straight away with it, I asked others if he could and they said yes, so it went that way, I only got to fire at him once before I was able to charge though, since you can't charge on the first turn. I didn't know what to do with the warlocks, the way the board was set up (via random scatter) meant the board was kind of funneled with impossible terrain on one side and the vast majority of his force in the centre, I guess I could of set them up to face off against his 20 handgunner detachment but I figured that would be suicide.

Yeah from now on I'll focus on troops with the bolt throwers, if I'd concentrated on the halbardiers I could of wiped them out and got over 400 points at the end since I didn't know how the victory point system worked. I could of had a full blown shooting army but I got Dark Elves off my mates to avoid that since my last army was Empire (no steam tank etc and only had one game with them since returning) and they were pretty static so I wanted a more mobile force.

Spiney Norman
14-10-2013, 06:16
You might want to try the lore of metal vs empire, its an easy way of dealing with that steam tank, and anything else that has a 1/2+ armour save. Might be worth paying for a high sorc too, I know she's a points drain, but Id say she was worth it.

14-10-2013, 06:26
Doomfire warlocks aren't that great either

14-10-2013, 06:47
At 1000pts there is very little any army can do against a stank, hell even 2500pt games people often are at a loss of how to deal with it, so unless you have the right tools either magic or a giant can opener of a unit... Yeah, to me kinda poor com to bring one at that point range.

Remember elves of any type are glass hammers, especially DE, you have to focus on the troops, the advice to focus shooting on the tank was bad, better of targeting the soft flesh of the soldiers. DE cross bows shreds state troops, being t3 with a low armour save = many dead humans.

Glad you had fun, and thanks for sharing.

14-10-2013, 07:11
you can take a steam tank in 1k points? arent they rare?

14-10-2013, 07:15
you can take a steam tank in 1k points? arent they rare?

Steam Tank is 250 points, so just fits in 1k.

14-10-2013, 07:18
Steam Tank is 250 points, so just fits in 1k.

Maybe you should ask your mate for a 1k game where he does not use the stank?

Kurgan Ironbeard
14-10-2013, 10:27
I would but then again I think I'd come across as a poor loser. Only his steam tank did anything in the game against me, his troops got massacred, and his normal cannon just grapeshotted my shades until they tore it apart. His steam tank took out my hydra with one shot, ran over my warlocks, then templated my spearmen unit repeatedly as I attempted to dodge it, he eventually got into combat with them and they fled at the end of the game but remained on the table.

Lord Solar Plexus
14-10-2013, 10:58
With the shades I scouted 12" away from him at the start so he just shot me straight away with it

You cannot scout there, you have to stay over 12" away from all enemy units. Even so, grape shot, really? That is so terrible that it's better not to mention it. Random attacks, BS 3, skirmishers, long range...it's a wonder he killed even a single model.

Using a Stank can indeed be seen as a bit unfriendly at this point level but then again, Empire INF gets shredded by almost anything Dark Elf....whereas some Harpies or Light CAV can take as Stank out of the game relatively easily.

Kurgan Ironbeard
14-10-2013, 11:11
I don't think he added long range to his to hit roll, he was hitting me on 4s with an engineer near by.

Btw I was wondering, do you think I should spent the 300 points I am doing on the spearmen for crossbowmen instead? Atm I'm using them for sacrificial dagger fodder but it's a lot of points to invest on something that I'm not expecting much from.

14-10-2013, 12:06
Using a Stank can indeed be seen as a bit unfriendly at this point level but then again, Empire INF gets shredded by almost anything Dark Elf....whereas some Harpies or Light CAV can take as Stank out of the game relatively easily.

How so?

Everything fast cav would be wounding on 6s, and then there's a tasty 1+ save on top of that.

If you mean herding it, the steam cannon and the engineer's repeater handgun would take care of those fast cav / harpies quick enough. All you can pray for is to delay it for a turn or so.

Anyway as you said, a steam tank on a 1.000pt game is as unfriendly as it gets unless you have cannon (or lore of metal) of your own.

14-10-2013, 12:10
Engineers are bs4 so with minus one to hit for long range 4+ would be correct - if the engineer can give his bs to the cannon, that is (I am not sure whether he can).

Kurgan Ironbeard
14-10-2013, 12:24
Shades are skirmishers to though so that would be another -1 so it would be 5+. Also I was shooting my shades under the impression I was BS 4 not 5 as well >.<

Grey Man
31-10-2013, 20:53
Bringing a stank to a 1k game against a new player is a cheeseball move.