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Colonel Lexx
13-10-2013, 19:33
I have recenty watch a video where a fellow modeller builds a mega fortress with various parts from Imperial buildings, to say this fortess looks amazing is something of an understatement and this got me to thinking aside from the set piece battles such as the taking of strategic points or wiping out the enermy what other type of battles are there?

If there are others could siege warfare be a possible option if the gaming board be made and built?

Archon of Death
14-10-2013, 01:30
To do decent siege warfare you'd want to remember that there are rules for buildings and how to destroy walls, etc. In addition the current rules are lacking when it comes to large buildings. While the smaller buildings are capable of using the rules for attacking buildings, a huge structure is far less prone to collapsing from being fired at. You may need to come up with rules and attack specific walls, maybe extend it to another floor or room if you get a higher roll when attacking them. Also, you may want to consider all of your sieges to be short assaults, because in many sieges the battle is prolonged, including things like blockades, psychological warfare, etc. But if you look at yours as something where time is an issue and the defending force is charged with staying in that area until they die (which is really silly), then you can pull it off.

14-10-2013, 14:37
the attacker should also get more points. I remember reading somewhere that when attacking a fortified position you needed at least a 3-1 numerical superiority. Naturally you won't need anything that extreme in a game but remember the attacker is at a disadvantage at the same points

Colonel Lexx
14-10-2013, 14:53
well my initial thought was a small scall fortification like that of the fortifications you see in the first starship troops film when they go to planet P ... scalable walls, couple of heavy weapon towers, possibly a landing zone for reinforcment after a certain number of turns for small number of men to reinforce the defending army and maybe some sort of structure inside that has to be taken and a main gate should the attacking force wish to go for a frontal assault. but yes i think there would to be some thinking dne to provide a series of rules to govern a seige style battle something like ... IG attacks main gat must roll 5+ to attak gate 5+ to break through, or 4+ to scale walls with 5+ for defenders to throw enermy back and repulse attempt.

14-10-2013, 16:50
Doesn't Planetstrike have rules for fortresses(aka bastions), attackers and defenders, et all?

14-10-2013, 18:02
Yes. Pretty much the same rules as the current edition does.

14-10-2013, 20:47
Fortresses are OK but IMO a little low on character if your looking for "set piece battles such as the taking of strategic points or wiping out the enemy what other type of battles are there?" then i don't really think you can get better than the Basilica they used in the Eye of terror campaign, just realize how awesome the older campaigns (eye of terror, Albion etc) use you be compared with anything recent. I cant find a picture online right now but i have the white dwarf.