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14-10-2013, 00:42
sword of bloodshed +3 attk
armor of fortune 5+ward
Potion of speed

Great bray shaman lvl 4 beast
fencer blades
tali of preservation
jagged blade

beast banner
gnarled hide

bray shaman lvl 2 beast
dispell scroll

43 gor
ahw /fcmd

30 bestigor

7 razorgor
2 tusk chariots
10 raiders
5 raiders
1 razorgor
1 razorgor

So try to get savage on GBS.
2 wyssan's to cast
1 savage
then watever
hopefully pann's also on GBS.

GBS/Beastlord/BSB goes in gor unit. un-buffed the beastlord has 7 attacks strength 6 and Great-bray/bsb are both str 5 due to beast-banner. So I'm hoping to get one wyssan's off on gor unit or possible a savage on beastlord. Potion is there for challenges or things that are faster then the beastlord. If I can get savage off on great bray shaman he becomes a powerdice making machine. Beastlord is there to kill anything the unit is incapable of killing and provide leadership obviously.

If i get savage off on the beastlord thats 10 str 9 hits if the bsb is still alive. I wanted also for the rest of the army not to have to be buffed to be effective. The 10 raiders are a bunker for the scroll caddy.

I'm possibly thinking on dropping the bestigor for more razorgor and maybe 2 razorgor chariots as i have an answer for armor with the razorgor/beastlord.

I could bunker the GBS but I kinda wanted to 6 dice boosted savage for semi crazy carnage. I was even thinking putting another naked wargor with ahw for additional attacks on boosted savage, maybe give him the dark chalice.

I think the gor unit is pretty strong with just one wyssans or un-boosted savage going off on gbs or beastlord.

I'm not tied to the 7 razorgor unit nor the 30 besties. But I do need a hard hitting unit thats not minatuars that should be in support of the main unit of gor.