View Full Version : Skaven PF/SB, DE CoB and horde

14-10-2013, 04:09
Morning all, the skaven SB/PF rules say that you count the base as being 15 models (3x5) for the purposes of rank bonuses. Is this just for their Ld bonus, or does it count for horde too? I.e. Unit of 35 CR in 7x5 formation with SB count as 50 models in horde formation, so front 4 ranks of 7 CR get to fight?

is this the same for the CoB and WE? Technically the CoB is a chariot, but I can't find anything about chariots joining infantry in the LRB, or anything on the Cob rules, unless I've missed something?



14-10-2013, 07:31
With the 8th editon, the footprint is what counts for different sized bases. So in the case of the CoB, just look at how many witch elves it replace. I believe its under the character section, in the part about joining units.
I would guess the SB/PF work the same way

14-10-2013, 20:20
Gotcha, cheers :-)