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14-10-2013, 17:23
So i've got a friendly tournament with some mates and I thought I would make a fun list.
I'm looking to win more than lose but even so I'm looking for it to be a themed army of khorne as i've always been a fan.
I have access to all the models available so changes aren't a bother.

Greater/2 lesser gifts

Herald of Khorne
bsb/2 lessers/exalted locus

35 Bloodletters
full command/+1 movement banner

5 flesh hounds

Phlegm bombardment/khorne


20-10-2013, 21:19
Ah well took the list and ended up with 5 wins and 1 loss, 4 of the wins were massacred so it worked well xD

21-10-2013, 08:45
wow - I'm shocked at just how few units we can get Mono-Khorne!

Just out of interest - as I'm getting back into mono-Khorne (after taking a break with Goblins)..

1) What armies did you face?
2) What kind of power levels were the lists?
3) Were the players of equal of better skill level?

I ask as I've been tempted to run lists similar to yours but was always worried about the lack of units on the board

21-10-2013, 13:17
Yeah, did you face much in the way of chaff?

21-10-2013, 14:51
Main chaff armies were vamps and ogres

game 1-Dark elves = massacre (with me being more experienced) 9.3 on swed comp
game 2-tomb kings = massacre (with him being equal with me on experience)
game 3-warriors of chaos = massacre (with me being more experienced and him giving up very early)
game 4- vampires = close victory (with him being more experienced) 7.2 on swed comp
game 5- ogres = close defeat (with me being more experienced)
game 6- empire = massacre (equal ground) 12.5 on swedish comp

depending on who I was played I split my force so it was SG on one flank, BT on the other horde up the middle and fleshhounds outflanking. Shooting tended to focus on any chaff and in a couple games I had more than my fair share of luck on the reign of chaos table.

25-10-2013, 11:25
What was the performance of each unit? Who was MVP?

25-10-2013, 22:30
the bloodthirster closely followed by the bloodletters, when the letters get the charge anything they are against is gone, especially with 2 heralds.
The bloodthirster for psychological value and being a genuine beast in combat pulled the game in my favour in most games, only times he died was due to duel terrorgheist.
For such a small army I found this army to be surprisingly mobile, with nothing under movement 6.
Soulgrinder was invaluable for holding up hordes and blocking cannon shots on the thirster first turn.
the hounds were... good however i'd like to try 2 units ambushing together.