View Full Version : Old special characters

14-10-2013, 22:56
was wondering if there is a place they update old SC to fit in modern play?

With the DE now getting medusas I'd kinda like to have a modern version of Dechala(Slanesh SC from 5'th) Honestly I think the medusas should have had mark of slanesh, I dont think they fit to great with DE but considering em to have MOS would be interesting and fit greatly with Dechala.

If we went by her 5'th ed version what do you think she should cost in points?

14-10-2013, 23:47
Just stick her on a Daemon Prince or Chaos Lord base and buy items/gifts/marks that you feel best fit Dechala.
Job done.

15-10-2013, 10:17
I think GW did do unofficial rules for them in 7th edition, but not 8th to my knowledge. But yeah, I'd just choose suitable items, unless your group is happy to do some home grown rules for them.